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10 Social Commerce Trends For 2022 And Beyond

Businesses use social media platforms to establish their brand and develop their sales. Indeed, it is a worthwhile strategy to bring about a massive revelation in the revenue margin. Of course, the cost involved in it can never be denied, but the fact is, it offers quick ROI. Promotional videos and Ads are getting a lot of views, and thereby increasing customer base becomes the prime agenda behind it. The eCommerce development solutions support the digital marketing practice of targeting social media for developing sales. It has been there for many years now, but it is getting pretty popular these days. This article gives the clinical trends in the said field, and you can leverage that to increase the sales numbers.

Top 10 Social Commerce Trends For 2021 And Beyond:

User-Generated Content:

This is the most important trend that can be seen in the future, and any eCommerce development company must be aware of it. There are a lot of customer reviews and feedback being applied as videos on the social media platform. This trend shall continue in the future too. Customers teach customers, and this shall give the impetus for others to buy the product or the service. Moreover, the customers who feature on the video shall be made prominent, and generating such videos cannot be a challenge. Who would not like to be displayed on social media for a cause?

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Live Streaming Videos:

The video content featuring the product or service portfolio is on the one side, and live streaming is on the other. The real-time usage of a service or product will be live-streamed on social media, which will be a massive trend this year and the next. The value of real-time videos is, it is natural and a touch of humanism is available. Anyone would like to watch a candid video of a product or a service than pre-recorded content.

Ads On Budget:

With social media being the hub of Ads and people choosing to purchase their desired product, businesses will have to focus on the number of videos and not the quality. An expensive Ad featuring once a week on Facebook does not do much of a difference from 4 to 5 Ads featuring the same week. Quick movement and incredible consistency of Ads can fetch better results. Also, the Ads that are created need not be high profile. A normal, amateur way of presenting the video is more than enough to strike a chord.

Influencer Support:

It might be a bit expensive but on the cards for the future. The already existing social media influencers can be of major support in promoting your brand. Using them shall give maximum reach, and the number of customers can be multifold compared to the usual brand promotional videos. Partnering with influencers shall be inevitable if you are planning to have a competitive edge in the market.

Targeted Audience Approach:

The Ads on public online sources can reach many people. But the target audience shall be minimal. The best eCommerce website development company India suggests using social media platforms to narrow down your approach. The Ads that you make can be targeted to a specific set of audiences. In this way, the conversion can be more. Also, the user base does not ignore the content if it is apt for them as well.


Cross-Platform Approach:

Cross-platform mobile development shall become evasive in the future. It is ideally not conducive to target just one network alone. At the same time, the devices used by the users are multiple too. You can generate leads by targeting various types of customers through various devices. In general, the usage of mobile devices is more, and the focus must be on that primarily.

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Augmented Reality:

Companies are getting to the mode of making the users experience the product or the service just by staying on the couch. The web and mobile development company must focus on integrating such features in the clients’ applications to make them more attention-seeking than the usual ones. A few social platforms are beginning to add AR to their system. That means you will be outdated if you do not use this technology to market your brand.


Making sales through chatbots shall be an amazing trend. The advantage social media platform offers the personalization of conversation between the company and the customer. The quality of AI shall increase the use of chatbots. The customers shall target the searches that they have done in the recent past. The narrowed approach shall give massive results.

Voice Technology:

One statistic says that in 2025 there will be about 75% of families using Voice technology. Close to 94% of the companies are investing in technological factors to enable a voice-based approach. The companies will integrate voice in their social commerce solutions, and the web developers will have to watch out for it.

Social Media And E-Commerce Integration:

It will be a revolution for sure. Many companies will integrate eCommerce with a social media platform, setting inventory and sale management systems for social media alone. It can be a massive turnover of the happenings as the customer interests towards social platforms are always on the surge.

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Digital marketing is always on the rise, and one must invest considerably to get delectable results. At the same time, analyzing and monitoring the results at regular intervals shall be of greater importance. Any conducted campaign must deliver results; if not, there must be a change to the campaign. Most of the companies sell through social media; keeping the metrics intact can help forecast their revenue for the future. Also, the data can help plan for the next fiscal year and discard the ones that did not work.

Prashant PujaraAbout the Author:

Prashant Pujara is the CEO and founder of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a rapidly growing Top Flutter App Development Company that helps customers achieve their objectives. He considers client success to be business success, and he guarantees clients that MultiQoS will always aid them in reaching their maximum potential, with the assistance of its top executives and the company’s standard development plan.

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