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Is Free Digital Signage Simply Too Good To Be True?

Digital signage is critical for businesses in every sector. From hotels, hospitals and colleges, to restaurants, car dealerships and bars, you are sure to find the use of digital signage. Digital signage has been used in place of the formerly popular forms of static advertisement such as billboards and posters and there is increasing interest in its use for more than just advertising. Internal communication within businesses is one of the more popular uses of digital signage. This is especially important for businesses that have a number of outlets spread across a large area and need to get out some information simultaneously to all its staff members.

Importance Of DS (Digital Signage):

So considering the importance and popularity of digital signage, it becomes rather difficult to consider the feasibility of free digital signage. What with the hardware, software and connectivity costs, which are the most basic costs, added to the numerous advantages that this offers the idea of having free signage seems rather far-fetched. Well, apparently, it is not as impossible as can be presumed.

There are companies that offer free signage platforms for companies and businesses that register with them. Now it is important to clarify that the free digital signage does not cover the entire cost of the deployment. You will still need to have the LCD screens and develop your own content but the connectivity and streaming as well as the operations and administration elements will be taken care of by these companies all for free.

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What you need to do to access these free signage facilities, after getting the LCD and creating the content, is to sign up for a free account with the company of your choice. You will then need to download their software to your computer to help you upload your content on to your screens. Make sure your screens are connected to your computer and presto! You are good to go.

Services Of Digital Signage:

From them on you can simply upload your content to all your screens and enjoy their free services. Streaming will be done over the web so that will also eliminate potential costs. There is the option to upgrade to better quality services with a minimal monthly cost but you will cross that bridge when you get there.

So I can see you already looking for the scam, and I can guarantee you there isn’t one. You might be wondering how these companies stay afloat. And that is a valid question. Well, remember the upgraded services? They are able to make some money from that as well as selling the streaming TV box that is needed for streaming the content on the screens. There are also clients that would not like to be on the shared platforms (which the free users will be on) so they get to pay a little extra for the private server.

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Charlie BrownAbout the Author:Charlie Brown has written some articles on Digital Signage. By this article, he will try to give Information about Free Option of Digital Signage facilities and how to stream the content on the screens. This free option is great for start-ups that want to get off on the right foot and for small businesses that want to test the waters with this whole digital signage thing before they get too heavily invested. Whatever your reason, I hope you are sufficiently convinced that free digital signage works and you will try it for your business.

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One Response to “Is Free Digital Signage Simply Too Good To Be True?”

  1. Matthew says:

    Nice article Charlie..!! Thank you very for such informative post. I have read the post thoroughly and came to know importance and services of digital signage. As stated in this post digital signage is useful for business in every sector from hotels to hospitals. I agreed with you that rather difficult to consider the feasibility of free digital signage.

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