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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Is Completely Accessible And Easily Reached?

Before diving into the intricacies of the Virtual Private Cloud, it is imperative to know what it essentially is. A virtual Private Cloud is very similar to a public cloud where the resources of the cloud are owned and operated by the cloud provider. However, the major difference lies in their accessibility. Public clouds are reachable through the internet while private clouds are reachable through the intranet. Hence private clouds look and feel like a part of the company’s Wide Area Network.

Here are some top benefits of using a Virtual Private Cloud for your cloud computing needs which give it an edge over the public cloud:

1.) Efficient Use Of Bandwidth:

When your system has traffic destined to the cloud but routed through the datacenter of the company, you invariably waste a lot of bandwidth besides router, firewall capacity and the switch. You also need to pay almost double the cost of bandwidth; once for the WAN connection and the next for the internet. You need to take care of the network sizing as well because cloud resources are all on demand and require network sizing for peak performance.

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2.) Enhanced Performance Of Applications:

It stands for a fact that internet does not have different classes of service. This effectively translates into the fact that internet may get congested at times resulting in poor traffic management for your application too. No matter how much of your efforts have gone into sizing your network for peak, inbound congestion on the internet circuit frequently impacts the performance of the application. So next time when you find your application running slow and you do not know the reason for it, it’s time to look around to find out who is downloading or making extensive internet usage and congesting your traffic.

Virtual Private Cloud allows the cloud resources to appear on the MPLS based and ?lass of Service’ enabled Wide Area Network. This enables you to set priorities within the traffic and become immune to congestion problems on the internet and inconsiderate colleagues who cause congestion.

3.) Scalability Of Resources:

Virtual Private Cloud allows you to add resources on demand for accommodating extra users and scale the resources as per the workload. This results in enhanced performance because resources are made available on demand and the infrastructure that supports these resources always remains in force.

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4.) Data Security:

The traffic that goes to and from the Virtual Private Cloud remains within the confines of the corporate firewall and does not cross over to the internet. Such a feature greatly enhances the security aspect of the cloud. Companies are also at liberty to lay down routing policies to restrict users from reaching the cloud.

When you make use of public cloud, you need to have an encryption technology in place to secure the transmission over the internet. There is no denial that encryption is quite secure but still it requires to be managed by the Corporate IT and takes effort to get correctly configured. Moreover, in a public cloud there is no provision of defining an accessibility structure to prevent someone from accessing the cloud.

Deney DentelAbout the Author:

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed server virtualization and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest.

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