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How To Open Block Sites?

Many schools and offices blocks social networking sites like FaceBook,Youtube,Orkut. There is a very simple workaround to open these sites. The simplest way is to use a web proxy. I have been asked this question more than a hundred times, so I thought I’s make a list of web proxies that my friends can use.

How To Open Block Sites?

So why use a web proxy ?
Anonymous free web proxies allow you to bypass local proxies and security restrictions and surf blocked sites or simply surf privately and securely without need to install any software on yourcomputer. If you browse the web through public web proxy the website cannot find your real IP address. You IP address gives out information regarding your location, OS, web browser, etc which can be misused.

How to use ?
Just look for a box on the site. Enter the website you want to browse and click Surf

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4 Responses to “How To Open Block Sites?”

  1. Walter says:

    Very informative blog and nicely written. This helps me a lot to unblock website

  2. David Warner says:

    this blog is very informative and very useful as there is many information to open blocked site i also want to share my experience to open any blocked site as i found another link to open any blocked site and it is very speedy and reliable

    access twitter at school

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