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[2014] How To Write Single Name In Your Facebook Profile?

Write Single Name In Your Facebook Profile

Hello uys, Here I am with another trick on your facebook profile after many previous one. This trick is all about your facebook profile. You have seen many time that many profile have single name but when you try to do that, facebook didnt save it and want to fill your last name but how they do? The answer is simple that in there country, offically one name is required so Facebook also set one space for name but if you are from there country.

Now you are think how to do that. If you are thinking to use any VPN so it’s useless because there you can set your desired country. For this, you have to use directly that country IP address. Now the question is for country then here is the then “Indonesia” is one of them so here I am sharing Indonesian IP so add it and change your name with single name.

You can make single name on Facebook through this trick that will work when you follow all the following steps completely, And this tricks fully belonged to another regain ip, So you must follow all steps one by one, Then you when will get Single name on your Facebook Profile.

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Note: This trick is unofficial, So use your self, If works with you its benefit for you, If not working I am not responsible for this.

Table of Contents

Step By Step Tutorial:

OK Now Ready for create e Single Facebook Profile name, Then follow some easy steps…
1.) First you need a Firefox Browser. Its not capable in Google Chrome.
2.) Now open your Firefox Browser and Manually Change Proxy and use below one IP Address through opening Firefox> Tools > Option > Advance > Network > Setting.

3.) Than you will find Like Below Image Now Go ahead and follow.
4.) Select “Manual proxy confrigation“.
5.) Now Insert any of the three of below IP address in “HTTP Proxy“.

If These Are Not Working, Don’t Worry, Open “” And Get Latest Under ‘Indonesia’.
6.) And add Port 8080“.
7.) After adding, your page will looks like as below.

8.) Now click “Ok” and save it.
9.) Now go to

10.) Select “Bahasa Indonesia” from the language list.
11.) Click “Save Changes“.
12.) Now open

13.) Change your First Name and leave Last Name Blank, Click “Save Changes“.

Final Word:

This trick is fully working in everywhere but you must follow these some easy steps, If you are not able to enable these proxy and port you can’t complete this tutorial. Also tell you this faceook trick is supported with only “Bahasa Indonesian” Language, So you must change your language English or any to Bahasa Indonesian Language, After create single name you can change you your facebook language in your language. If get any problem for completing all steps please comment below we will reply and Give you better answer.

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About the Author:
I am Mahendra Meghwal Medical student. I like part time writing and blogging. I like blogging and blogs on FacebookTipsAndTricks. Just visit my blog to get more Facebook Tricks and hacks also.

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22 Responses to “[2014] How To Write Single Name In Your Facebook Profile?”

  1. Pankaj Jangir says:

    Proxies are not working. Please update them. I will try it then 🙂

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome HEre And Thanks For Trying Our Post. These Proxies Are Working Here But If You Can’t Get It Work, See The Added Link Below Them, Open It And Garb New One…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can v do this by firefox mobile..?? If so then plz temme hw to do it ??

  3. Anonymous says:

    hii…I tried but there is a box coming that is saying that the proxy server is refusing the connection….wht should I do ???

  4. Ankur says:

    i have a problem proxy are working but name can’t change . what should i do?

  5. thehobnobs says:

    doesn’t work anymore, i’ve done all the steps but when i save after deleting my last name it comes up saying i must have a last name! :(((

  6. None of the proxies work….although i picked many frm the given link…
    Loading error comes every time..!!!

  7. VK says:

    I Have a proxy with 8080 port This proxy is working but bit slow can you please update a new fast proxy

  8. iliyas shaikh says:


    Dear Brother, Thank you very much .. after i trying many proxy then i am success. thanks for the beatiful tips…
    please check my account

  9. aarush says:

    this trick is not working sir………pls help me

  10. Arslan Mehar says:

    thAnK YoU XhHoO mUcH >>> <3

  11. saurav says:

    i had completed all the steps but its not working , they ask to fill the last name always ,why?

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