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Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5, See How Attractive They Are…

Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5

Remember when video games were big blocks of pixels and consoles ran on 16-bit processors? Sure, back in 1993 smacking away at our controllers to gruesomely decapitate our opponent in Mortal Kombat in a triumphant display of gory graphics was indeed fun. Well, most of it was due to the fact that squirting blood and exploding intestines was a new thing back then. Think of that as the era before HTML5.

Now think of how much modern games have evolved since then – Battlefield 4, Skyrim, GTA V and the lot – consider this the era of HTML5. Now tell me, would you really want to go back to 16-bit graphics? This is what HTML5 is all about.

Since this article is not about the ins and outs of HTML5 the above paragraph is all the explanation you’ll get! Now, let’s get right down to it. Here are the top 5 HTML5 websites for 2013, enjoy!

1.) Audi #OneMillionReasons:

Razorfish Germany in collaboration with production company Minivegas teamed up with Audi to unleash probably the greatest interactive web experience of the decade! The jist of this HTML5 site is its 3D function wherein, through the use of WebGL technology, an Audi R8 is virtually generated in the form of a million spherical particles.

Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5

Not blown away, are you? But what if i told you that every single sphere contains a message from fans all over the world stating why they love Audi. Oh, so now you’re blown away. The German luxury automobile brand proves that its prowess not only lies with the engine under its hood!

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2.) Museum Of Mario:

At some point when reminiscing of nostalgic pixelated video games you played decades ago, you will remember Mario and his quest to save the princess. All i remember is how I never could! Whether she never really wanted to be rescued or Mario was just an italian pervert, I will never know… until IGN decided to make an HTML5 site all about Mario!

Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5

Built in collaboration with Intel’s HTML5 Hub, Museum of Mario tackles around 30 years of gaming history for probably the greatest game ever sold. Going way back to the 8-bit era of video games, the website allows you to explore and interact through the vintage versions of the game to the modern ones. It’s simply fascinating when the most high tech form of programming meets it’s past to make something great. It’s like meeting your old self and playing video games together – which is probably what we’d all do should that really happen.

3.) Dreams Of Black:

Different tastes call for different genres in music, but it’s not the kind of melody that you listen to that makes you love a certain track; it’s the ecstatic emotion that it makes you feel. I call this a journey through sound waves and imagination. Someone else calls it 3 Dreams of Black.

Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5

Dreams of Black is in an interactive HTML5 website created by a bunch of intelligent people (too many to mention) to showcase the music of Norah Jones, Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album entitled Rome. The site uses WebGL to create a world that sort of simulates what a person’s mind goes through as the music plays. The goal is to make the user feel and experience music as it plays rather than simply listening. It’s definitely an eye-opening form of visual art.

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4.) Soul Reaper:

The only downside to a comic book is that there aren’t any trailers to get you all hyped up about it. As many avid comic book readers are also movie fanatics who know their stuff inside out one has to wonder, what if these two modes of storytelling melded together? Now, I personally have not heard anyone complain about comic books not having trailers, but what if they did? What if comic book reading could evolve into something more interactive, more theatre-like? What if someone with an epic voice could narrate as you went through your favorite comic series? What if… all of this already existed?

Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5

Soul Reaper is another interactive HTML5 site that literally *kapows* me out cold – because of its awesomeness, that is. Graphic novels have never been as “graphic” as this and my internal reading voice never as epic! You’re going to have to check it out by yourself to get a grip of what I’m trying to say because I’d have to make my own epic trailer if I had to explain it to you in writing. Wait a minute – what if I could… nah!

5.) Diesel Shoes, Bags And Accessories:

Girls love shopping as much as they love browsing through the internet about the things that they want to shop about. It’s a never ending cycle of things that men won’t ever really understand. Men are visual beings by nature, when they see something they like they take it. Some spend jail time for it but you get my point. Diesel has devised a way to intertwine these two very different traits of men and women by putting them into their website.

Top 5 Sites Of 2013 Build On HTML5

If you love shopping, seeing high definition images of things you want to shop for or being able to interact online with belts and shoes, then you will be breathe taken by Diesel’s HTML5 based website. Check it out!

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Interesting isn’t it – HTML5? I urge you to try to browse on your own to find other great sites that showcase this new technology. Heck, if you can create one of your own be sure to send me a link! I hope you guys had a good time browsing through the list, see you!

About the Author:
Jamaica Sanchez is a professional writer and website developer. She is a big advocate of converting flash to html5. She also has a passion in dancing, cooking and playing golf.

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  1. Job says:

    Nice list, I love the music on Diesel website.

  2. Hendrik says:

    waw, it may be a reference to using html 5.

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