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Top Direct Download Provider Sites, Storage And Search Engine List

Top Direct Download Provider Sites, Storage And Search Engine List

What Is Direct Download?

Direct download link (DDL), alternatively simply direct download, is a term used within the Internet-based file sharing community. It is used to describe a hyperlink that points to a location within the Internet where the user can download a file. When used in conversation, DDL distinguishes itself from other forms of peer-to-peer (P2P) downloading architectures in that it uses a client–server architecture, where 100-percent of the file is stored on a single file server or in parallel across multiple file servers in a server farm.

Originally, P2P was used to distribute large sized files without requiring much bandwidth on the part of any one node. However, because of sharing issues, such as the lack of seeding of torrents, throttling of a node’s file sharing ports by an Internet service provider, or lawsuits because of uploading copyrighted material, direct downloads has become a popular and legal alternative among Leechers. There is also an increase in businesses offering gigabytes of free bandwidth and storage space.

Despite the term commonly being used among warez and other file sharing enthusiasts, direct downloading is heavily used by companies as a means of distributing products, such as application software, drivers for peripherals, documentation in PDF format, and much more.

In Others Words…

Direct download link is the service through which people can download different applications and even through that link the sharing of the files and other applications can also take place. The direct download link is mostly used as a direct download service which is used by the people over the internet and thus it at times takes place with the help of the people in the form of the community. The direct download link is mostly used as a hyper link which makes it easy for the user to download some of the items from there. Through that link the files can be downloaded easily and the user does not have to put up any sort of effort through. This technique is being used by many people. The direct download link service is to be performed by the people over the internet.

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When the files are being shared by the people in the community over the internet then in that case the uploading of the files is being done by the user. The direct download link can also be used in the conversations as well and over there the link is represented in the form of a hyperlink text. The direct download link can also be performed among the peer to peer communication where the downloading services are utilized by the people. Mostly in the downloading services the user has to interact with the client server and then as a result the downloading of the information is taken into account. The direct download service can also be used at times as a storage file. Sometimes the problems may be incurred when the user downloads something directly from the link. This service can be referred to be used with the torrents where the link is located and from that the user can easily download the file from that link.

World Best Online Stored File Search Engine:

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World Top Direct Download Sites:
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iOmega iStorage
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Defined By wiseGEEK:

A direct download link (DDL) is a hypertext link typically provided on an Internet site that can be used to download a file directly from a hosting system. These types of links are used in a number of ways, both legitimately and illegally, to allow users to more easily share files through the Internet. Companies can use these links to provide easy ways for customers to download various files from a website, including digital manuals, software, and drivers for hardware support. A direct download link can be used to spread illegal software or malicious software, however, so care should be demonstrated by anyone using such a link.

In general practice, a direct download link is nothing more than a hypertext link on a webpage used to directly link to a particular file rather than another webpage. Users can then click the link to easily begin downloading the linked file through that page, rather than downloading a file through another method. Peer-to-peer file sharing, for example, was once a popular way for Internet users to share files and media, often infringing upon copyright ownership. As many companies cracked down on such services, however, many users began utilizing a direct download link to share a file.

A company can legally use a direct download link to provide customers with links to software or other files offered by the company. Video card companies, for example, can provide numerous links on a single page to files that are digital copies of user manuals provided with cards. Other software, such as control center utilities for a particular video card, can also be provided through such a link and often allows a user to begin downloading such a program with a single mouse click. A direct download link can also be used by the same company to provide users with downloads of video card drivers, and a simple webpage layout can make organizing and displaying all of these links quite simple.

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As many file sharers changed to utilize a direct download link, these links also became a way for people to spread illegal or malicious software. Many movies, music recordings, and video games are available as downloads online, with no payment going to the makers of these products. This not only violates copyright laws in many countries, but can lead to criminal theft charges brought against those who download or share such programs. Since a direct download link can be manipulated much like any other type of hypertext link, these links can also be used to deceptively spread malicious software to those who click on them.

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