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A Crazy Ride with Some Unseen-Unknown Wearable Technologies

Technology is that one fad which has never failed in keeping people hooked. There were laptops, smartphones, and tablets to keep all of us captivated and later, the introduction of smart watches got the masses thrilled over it. With Apple Watch, being launched recently, the allusion is, wearable technology is the only next big thing.

The fancy looking watch looks dashing on the wrist and performs tasks we never imagined a watch would do. But let our imagination go a step further with the smart objects, we have mentioned down here.

Keeping aside the fancy looking smart-watch, try thinking our day-to-day nuts and bolts, with a technological touch! What would happen if our belongings, we use every day, go smart?

I have listed down a few crazy wearable objects. While going through, let your visualization do the magic for you.

1.) Drum Machine T-shirt:

Drum Machine T-Shirt
This playable t-shirt let’s you play the drum beats through your fingers. One just needs to tap the drum pads. Imagine a touch-sensitive person wearing this tee, and each of his friends taping the drum pads one by one. Forget the drum-sound; the loud laughter would take over.

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2.) Keyboard Pants:

Keyboard Pants
These amazing pair of pants connects with your computer through the Bluetooth and let you use and feel the keys on your own body. It’s like, your keyboard would follow wherever you go, even if your network doesn’t. Just don’t let others use your keyboard; the feeling of being touched that way, would be as creepy as hell.

3.) Social Denim:

Social Denim
These Italian labeled denims come with a Bluetooth transmitter. The small device in the pocket lets you update your location, mood, and a lot more, right through your denim pants, only with a click of a button. When you wear it, just be extra careful of what you click, because whatever you do the world will know.

4.) Thermoelectric Boots:

Thermoelectric Boots
These boots come with power generating soles, which charge your phone through the heat your feet generates. Hope this isn’t a father’s cruel innovation to induce his lazy kid to the habit of early morning walks. I pity the child, if in real his father planned this for him.

5.) Impact Sensing Hair Clip:

Impact Sensing Hair Clip
This beautiful looking hair pin is just not a fashion accessory. This impact sensing hair clip senses kicks, punches or shakes and triggers an alarm. Men got to be careful of ladies wearing beautiful hair pins, from now. If you have any such mad wearable technology in mind? Share with us. Let us imagine wearing the crazy innovations and have the laugh together.

ManpreetKaur SuchariyaAbout the Author:I am ManpreetKaur Suchariya, a fresh communication graduate from a B-School. I am currently working as a marketing executive and a content writer with Attensa Software, a web company based in UK. I am also a clay modeler. I speak less and think a lot. Believer of simplicity, I am a lover of Mother Nature. Inclined to old, I work for new.

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