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Is Everyone A Fan Of SmartPhone?

Smartphones have become a necessity these days and most of the people think that these are required by all and without a smartphone, life is incomplete now days. But it is not a fact; most of the people actually do not require a smartphone and some of them that possess a smartphone do not enjoy complete features of a smartphone. Whether you are old or young, smartphone is a charm for everyone and everybody wants to keep a large screen phone in his pocket. Smartphones have become a status symbol for some people when actually they don’t require a smartphone.

High prices for latest smartphones is not a good choice for most of the consumers, therefore people are focusing to get the cheap smartphones and some people are buying the smartphones without any reasons. Buying a smartphone might not be a very good idea for everyone. You can pay for many bills from the money that you will save by purchasing a basic cell phone in place of a latest smartphone. Most of the people do not know how to use all the features of a smartphone and there are people who are not fan of having a smartphone, therefore it should not be treated as a benchmark that smartphone in general and high end smartphone in particular is a requirement of every individual.

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If you are thinking to gift something to your loved one, your parents or children, smartphone is one of the main things that will strike your mind, but you should consider all the facts before purchasing a smartphone. Is it really the thing that is required by the person you are thinking to gift? Is there any other thing that can be presented to him / her that will help in a better manner? Also consider the cost effectiveness of smartphones. You might be wasting the money when it is required by another thing!

While comparing a simple cell phone with a smartphone, we see many things that are different. The camera quality, LCD screen size, process, memory and storage are the basic differences. Basic cell phones have limited features and that is why these are cheaper as compared to latest technology smartphones but when we consider these phones for elder people it might not be a very good idea as the people of above 60 have no idea how to use all the features of smartphone and despite of all the efforts of teaching them on how to use the features of a smartphone, you might fail in doing so as they would not be learning everything you will tell them.

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Most of the people of this age group only use their smartphone for making and receiving calls and occasionally they send and receive some texts. These features are the most basic features and can be performed with any basic and cheap cell phone then in my view there is no need to waste money when there are many other places where that money can be used and can give better results.

About the Author:
Jon Cyr is an experienced manufacturer of mobile phone accessories particularly mobile phone screen protector. If you want to protect your mobile screen use cell phone screen protectors that are made of high quality using best technology.

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  1. Will u plez tell me the best cheapest smartphone for bloggers?

  2. networking site says:

    The first factor in choosing the perfect smartphone would be making a little research about the brand and its products. Almost every site that sells these products allows the buyers to write little reviews about their purchases.

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