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5 Best Platform To Make Your Own Free Websites/Blog

5 Best Platform To Make Your Own Free Websites/Blog

When you decide to become a freelancer or business owner you may need to create a website for selling your products or services to your target audience. In the beginning if you want to know how to make money online then be sure that you are saving money on creating a website so that you can get a feel for how it will work to your benefit. There are lots of affordable and free sites that offer solutions to building a website, however, knowing which one will work most effectively for you is going to be important.

Free Platforms:

If you decide to use a platform that is free you must understand that there will be some limitations involved on how far you can go with creation and much more. However, many of them have easy software that can be used to allow you to create a simple site that has information and images as needed. Some of the top competitors for free websites would have to be WordPress, Weebly Drag & Drop and Intuit websites. Below are just some benefits that might be helpful for making your decision.


You should always remember to consider the benefits of these free website building companies. You need to determine whether the product is free because they will place advertisements on your site to generate their own income, or if your website builder is free because you only have limited designs. Depending on which features you want to add, upgrading may be your only option.

1) Word Press:

One of the most popular and free website builders is WordPress. Many like this product because it is very user friendly, allowing you to create great websites and blogs if necessary.

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2) Weebly:

Another user friendly site would have to be Weebly Drag & Drop. You are able to choose from a large variety of templates and begin placing information, images, and other important information throughout your site with simple drag and drop instructions.

3) Intuit Websites:

Another free website builder that has a large following is Intuit. You are able to create a very nice website with a large choice of templates, colors, layouts, and even other tools for making money such as Google AdSense. Before you can make the right decision in creating a website with a free or affordable service you’re going to need to make sure that it provides you with all the tools that you feel will make you successful. If you really have no idea where to start with your website it might be beneficial to consult with a professional web designer just for guidance.

4) Blogger:

Blogger is a web-based tool that helps you publish to the web instantly – whenever the urge strikes. It’s the leading tool in the rapidly growing area of web publishing known as weblogs, or “blogs.” Blogger gives you a way to automate (and greatly accelerate) the blog publishing process without writing any code or worrying about installing any sort of server software or scripts. And yet, it still gives you total control over the look and location of your blog. More specifically, instead of hand-coding your blog posts and frequently uploading the newest version of your page, you make posts to your blog by submitting a simple form on the Blogger web site, and the results immediately show up on your site, with your design.

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5) Tumbler:

Tumbler is great for those who want to show off a lot of pictures accompanied by short text posts. Think of it as a Twitter feed but with a more visual content. Perhaps you’re an aspiring photographer or want to document a trip without feeling the need to write long, formal posts. The Tumblr blogging platform is great for people on the go or with little time to spend online.

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