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Relevance Of Generalized Linear Models In Oracle Database Mining

Generalized Linear Models (GLM) in Oracle Database Mining (ODM) ostensibly includes the linear model classes, which form a set of restrictive assumptions, and more importantly, classes in which the target (with ‘y’ dependable variable) is generally distributed depending upon the predictor values...

How To Fix Black Background Of PNG Transparent Image In Picasa?

We are using Picasa Web Album previously too and didn’t get this issue but since after Google Plus, we are getting this error when we upload a ping transparent image then we got a dark background and we lost our transparency in Picasa Web Album. For this purpose, A workaround has been provided...

7 Ways Developers Can Secure & Maintain High Availability For Their Apps

Whether you’re developing native mobile apps or traditional web applications for the everyday consumer or use in the enterprise, there are development and deployment standards that need to be adhered to if you want to guarantee a secure and high availability environment for users. App security and...

Moving On Up! Upgrade Database Management System To Oracle 11G

If you are still on Oracle Database 10G, then you need to consider upgrading your business’s remote DBA services to the Oracle Database 11G. The Oracle 11G will provide you with cutting edge efficiency in data management while ensuring that there is reliability and security for critical online tra...

5 Fast Ways To Download YouTube Videos In Computer

YouTube has been one of the most popular video viewing web sites, since its inauguration. Millions of videos have been uploaded to YouTube already, thanks to its easy video sharing policies, while a few Million people are part of this community. You can view videos ranging from yoga classes to DIY t...

15 Best Free Online Photo Editor Site Lists

Everyone want to make his pic in awesome style and want to share it with his friend and family and for this purpose, there are many software but when you are away from home or in any other PC, you cant to edit a photo quickly then you have to use a online photo editor […]...

How To Turn Off Infolinks Tags On Your Desired Blog Post Or WebPage?

Do you want to stop converting your text to Infolink intext ads links of some desired post so you are free officially to stop Infolinks ads on your any desired post whatever you have problem. If you are also providing Sponsored post then many Sponsored articles provider ask you to stop adding there ...