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7 Easy Ways To Make Money Writing Online In 2023

Writing is a great way to make money. It can be done in your own home and at your own pace. Which means you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. If you’re looking for more ways to make money writing online, here are some ideas that might help you become a paper writer with ease:

1.) Selling Articles Online:

You will find plenty of websites that pay writers to write content. Some pay by the word, some by article, and others by lead, download, or other metrics. Whatever the case, you should start here because it’s easy and pays well if you can get your name out there.

The trick is to find the right websites that pay well, have a lot of traffic, and are looking for writers. You can also submit your work to free websites like HubPages and Squidoo–which will help you build up experience and pages of content.

You can get on social media and create an email list. Or even hiring someone else to promote your work for you. Writing Ebooks are another great way to make money writing online. You can sell them on your website, through Amazon, and through other platforms that allow you to set up a store.

Here are a few places we recommend:

  • The Penny Hoarder (they pay up to $100 per post)
  • Listverse (they pay up to $2 per article)
  • Listverse (they also run contests where you can win cash prizes)
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2.) Writing Blog Posts For Blogs:

There are two ways of making money writing blogs. The first is to write for a blog that pays you a flat fee per post. This type of job is generally better paid and easier to come by. But it doesn’t offer as much freedom as the second option, which is often called “content creation.”

Content creation jobs are where you work as an independent contractor with no set paycheck and instead get paid based on how much traffic your content generates for the site’s advertisers.”

A third option exists: You can also choose to write for sites like LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, or LinkedIn’s Influencer Program—and these sites pay writers based on the number of readers their articles get (rather than being paid directly).

3.) Review Websites, Apps, And Software:

Write product reviews for websites, apps, and software. You can write product reviews on your blog or website or post them on the review sites listed above.

If you’re using a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger, it’s easy to create a custom theme around your writing niche (like this one I built). You can also publish articles directly to Amazon if they allow you to do so (they only sometimes).

In many cases, these will be “sponsored” posts—you’re getting paid because the company wants you to promote their product/service/website. But remember: Just because someone is paying for an article doesn’t mean it has to be positive! You should feel free to share negative experiences if necessary—and remember that honesty is always worth more than any amount of money in this business.


4.) Get Paid To Tweet:

If you’re looking to make money writing online and want to get started immediately, tweeting is a great place to start. Many platforms pay you for your tweets—and it’s all based on how much engagement they receive.

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There are several ways that you can begin making money on Twitter:

  • TweetDeck (a free app) allows you to schedule your tweets in advance, so they go out at certain times during the day or week. This makes it easy to schedule tweets ahead of time without having to open another browser window—and log into Twitter every time. You can also view each post’s analytics to know what works best when trying different strategies.
  • Tiny Spark (free) is similar; however, instead of needing an account with Twitter itself, this platform connects directly with its website using OAuth 2 authentication so as not to disturb any other aspect of your social media accounts or profiles from other sites like Facebook or LinkedIn while still keeping everything together under one roof!

5.) Sell Your eBook:

If you’re a writer and have something to say, why not publish your book? It’s easier than it sounds. If you have enough passion for the subject, writing a short book can be a great way to express yourself—and make money. If your book is good enough (and profitable), writing an ebook could make up a significant portion of your income.

That said, plenty of people out there want to use ebooks as little more than glorified advertisements for their business services or products—which is fine if they’re offering something valuable and useful in exchange for their readers’ attention span.

But if this sounds like something that annoys you (and it should!), consider self-publishing instead—which means that once someone buys your ebook from Amazon or some other online retailer like iTunes or Cookbooks, all the profits go directly into your pocket!

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6.) Write Instagram Posts:

If you love using Instagram and have a keen eye for using effective communication for commercial purposes, write Instagram posts. This is one of the best and most creative ways of writing and earning online. You can write taglines for celebrities or ad posts. This way, you can best use your creative writing skills and get paid handsomely.

Additionally, writing for Instagram accounts belonging to individuals or corporations is very lucrative. For one post, you can quickly get 50-100$, and the work only takes 10-15 minutes. The more you write, the more you earn.

7.) Write A Youtube Channel Description:

A similar approach can be used in writing a YouTube channel description. Now everyone likes to use and create YouTube channels. The best thing about it is even the most talented and famous vloggers are not creative writers. You can offer your services and get paid by doing so.

Hundreds of new channels are launched every day, and new vloggers especially require the help of online writers. You can quickly fill the gap, make as many descriptions as you like, and make your name in the process.


So there you have a few simple ways to make money writing online. If you’re looking for a way to make extra cash from home and enjoy writing, this list of jobs might be perfect for you!

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Jasmine Pope is an expert online entrepreneur and runs her business successfully. Apart from this, she works as a content writer for paper perk and influences the audience with her charming words.

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