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WordPress: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

With the passage of time, technology is getting advanced. People get awareness related to new trends and inventions. They try to benefit themselves from it. Many business persons implement these techniques in their work that progresses their business. The world of computers is rapidly increasing. People have to cope with it to remain in touch with the world. There are automated and online systems introducing. Education methods are getting advanced. There are online websites to teach Noorani Qaida by sitting in your homes. There are qualified tutors for the guidance of students.

Introduction To WordPress:

In the start, it was considered a blogging tool. Its evolution has started with time, and it emerges as a content management system. Its function is to build a website without considering HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. There are steps to follow for making your account on it. You have a dashboard by installing it. You can customize it by adding pictures, text, videos. You can organize the look of your website by making it presentable. There is no need for a coding system. You only have to publish your work on it by clicking a button.

Why Is A Need To Learn WordPress?

It is one of the popular management systems that guide you in creating any website. Its efficiency rate is thirty-nine per cent. It means that overall internets’ most websites are because of it. It provides opportunities for people to earn money. It is an online way to build websites and sell them. Millions of youngsters are getting a job from it. It provides an intelligent way to share your art, stories, and ideas with the audience and a way to communicate with them. It creates opportunities for beginners to show their worth by launching their blogs. Small businesses highlight their presence in the online world. You can start your online store by using it.

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What Sort Of Learning Is There?

Your commitment is in it. You have to sacrifice two to three hours daily from your schedule. It is an easy way to start it. There is a need for skills that are basics at the start. You should be able to use a search engine like Google. Follow the instructions in it. As a beginner, there is no need to learn the coding system or any programming language. There are people who are using it without coding skills. There are web developers who once started their journey as unknown people. Now they are successful in their work. There is a need for commitment only to carry your process.

Working Of WordPress:

Its function is to make it comfortable for everyone to upload and publish their content. It is by millions of people to build a website. It is an impressive and powerful tool acknowledged by beginners and designers. There is a lot of work to do in it. It has free and premium themes that to choose from. It will change the look of your website and makes it appealing to the eyes. All is possible with a mouse click. There are plugins and widgets for creating features that will expand the user’s experience. They are maintained easily by building an initial setup and attract visitors by uploading quality of work. SEO optimizers, contact forms, and social media shares are few examples of it.


Resources To Learn WordPress:

It supports all kinds of sites and customizes them. There is a need to learn about the platform before starting work. There are materials to learn it. Some of them are the following:

  • WordPress Codex:
    It is an official platform that is in a manual book. It is free to use, and there is lifetime access. Its length is ten to twenty minutes per topic. It is a recommended site for intermediate users.
  • WordPress TV:
    It is owned by WordPress and it is also a free platform with no sign-up issues. It guides through video courses. Its length is up to one hour per video. It is offered to skill-level users.
  • WordPress Tutorials:
    It is a knowledge base source that is fee offered. There is a list of tutorials in it for guidance. It covers all other topics related to it. Its length is five to ten minutes per tutorial and is offered to beginners only.
  • WordPress Lessons:
    It is a site that offers free course content. It is for beginners and is free to use. Its time length is five to ten minutes. It guides step by step by covering all topics. It gives information regarding website building.
  • Smashing Magazine:
    It is a world of web designs that are payable. It requires membership to join. Its duration is five to ten minutes per post and is then accessed lifetime. Recommend it for intermediate and advanced users.
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Creation Of Website By Using WordPress:

The following points are there:

  • Build Domain Name:
    It is your recognition that helps users to log in to your site. It is according to circumstances. People should find you easily. Register it on websites. You can purchase it by connecting to a hosting service.
  • Organize Hosting Account:
    After establishing the name, you have to build an account. Provide possible personal information and scroll down by selecting a suitable package. It has various prices with different features in it.
  • Install it and Choose a Theme:
    The next step is to install WordPress and select a theme. It will automatically install if there is a Bluehost package. You can adjust it later. There is an option of upgrading it. Select appropriate choices between personal and business reasons for building a site.
  • Dashboard:
    In the beginning, you will be at the back end that is a dashboard for you. By letting visitors what you want to saw them. You can control your site. Some features are often. Keep revising by spending time. You can adjust colours, font styles, and elements.
  • Get Ready to Start:
    After completing all instructions, you are ready to express yourself to the world. It helps you to create your personality and cultural aspects in front of other companies. There are navigation bars for customizing it. Explore more by clicking on tabs.
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Muhammad AnasAbout the Author:

Muhammad Anas is the author of the above blog. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Online Quran Academy.

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