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What Readers Want During Quarantine: Best Content Ideas For Every Niche

The coronavirus pandemic changed pretty much everything. People do not live their normal lives. There are a lot of things, that seemed very important, almost vital before the outbreak, but now it turned out that they are not significant at all. With coffee shops, beauty salons, restaurants closed, work, and traveling canceled, we reshape our priorities and views.

Every niche is starting to understand that, with this change within people`s minds, the change in the world content is inevitable too. Influencers can not show their fancy parties. It seems stupid to give the best tips on where to get the best pastries in Paris when there is no plane that can take you there. The motivation posts that will make you go to the gym are absolutely unnecessary.

Best Blog Content Ideas For Every Niche:

So what to write about then?

This question is getting harder and harder every day. We mean, there is not so much to write about while being constantly at home. As they say, pretty much nothing happens. People are getting tired of constant views from your balcony. Honestly, you are getting tired too.

We have searched the World Wide Web, analyzed our own interests, and found out what readers want during the quarantine. We hope, our best content ideas for every niche will inspire you.

1.) Content For Self-Improvement Blogs:

Social distancing is pushing us into the dark hole of constant Netflix, checking up on your fridge more often than on your friends, and snacking. It is easy to give up all the progress you have made before or stop self-improvement at all. We are all going through tough times/ However, going back on the path of self-improvement will totally make us feel better, stay focused on our goals and give us something we all lack right now – the feeling that you can control something.

That is what readers would love to get – inspiration, little push that will take them back on track. Show them why it is important to continue self-improvement while being stuck at home, that there is the sense in doing it.

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However, there are people who start their way in self-improvement because they have enough time for that now. How-to-dos, where to start, self-improvement 101 will definitely attract more of those to your page.

Here are some topics that will catch the attention of your reader:

  • Self-improvement when all seems to fall apart: is it possible?
  • New habit being born among pizza and TV shows
  • Top-10 online classes that universities opened for free
  • How self-improvement will help you during social distancing
  • The best books about self-improvement and where to find them
  • Morning magic: how to go back to your normal sleeping regime

2.) Sports And Health:

There are two kinds of people as well: the ones who are discovering yoga and the ones who repost memes by going back into the real world with a couple of new kilograms.

The first ones need a piece of wisdom – where to start, what equipment they need to get, what the basics are.

The second ones need their motivation back. Challenges help here a lot. It makes people feel united and see that they are not the only ones trying to stay physically active in four walls. Yet, remember that it should not be a fierce motivation. Try to promote sports and being kind to yourself at the same time.

Topics to write about:

  • The gym at home: exercises that do not require equipment
  • Exercises to make your back alive again
  • Jogging is not the only possibility to stay active without a gym
  • Couple workouts
  • Workout with your kids


3.) Traveling:

This sphere is one of the most suffering ones. The biggest trip we can take now is to the supermarket. Do travel bloggers have to change their niche now?

That is a big no. Online excursions and travel stories become trendy now. It is a date idea for numerous couples. There are also people who miss traveling too much and, while looking at the travel blog that is not about quarantine only, makes them feel like they are reliving traveling with you. Since traveling is forbidden now, and people hate when something is unavailable (look at those introverts who are getting ready for the parties as soon as quarantine is over), so people, who never traveled, are carefully searching for the best places to visit. You are the one, our dear friend, who can help them!

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You can also give some language lessons. Everyone seems to have started at least one new language.

Topics to choose from:

  • the traveling stories that are worth reliving
  • the best online excursions for your indoor travel
  • templates to fill out: what country you will visit after quarantine is over
  • quiz: the trip that suits your personality after quarantine is over
  • see Porto with my eyes

4.) Health And Beauty:

We all let ourselves go a bit. Since we have nothing better to do, we eat constantly. Skincare routine? We do not even remember when was the last time we took a shower. So beauty blogs are a great source of inspiration for everyone right now. Give your readers a new perspective to consider: self-isolation is a high time to make your make-up skills perfect, it is for experimenting with your style, trying new colors, and new techniques.

Recipes of easy and healthy meals will do the trick too! People have some time now to spend time actually cooking and not going to the restaurants where everything (unhealthy food with lots of salt mostly) is served. Quarantine is the time to learn that preparing healthy and tasty snacks will not take a lot of time and it is possible to manage.

Mental health is a very special topic to talk about too. In times of uncertainty, going insane with your kids running around all day or moving back to parents, turning quarantine into a productivity contest, we all need a piece of advice. Your blog will be a lot of help.

Entries to consider:

  • Acquiring a new style during the quarantine
  • Tricks that will change your makeup game completely
  • Healthy meals to eat instead of chocolates
  • How cooking can help you to make the quarantine more exciting
  • Meditation as stability source during the pandemic
  • Staying with the same people with no way out sustainable life
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Channels of Venice are clear, air pollution rates drop dramatically – there are things to talk about. Focus on the bright sides of the pandemic and highlight how important it is to keep at least a half so sustainable as we are now.

Topics to address:

  • Do we really need to buy a new sweater every day: pandemic proves we do not
  • Benefits of self-isolation for the planet
  • How to be as sustainable after the quarantine is over
  • How closed restaurant affected food waste rate

5.) Business And Marketing

With all the shops closed, jobs lost, and businesses falling apart, people are starting to learn new skills and establishing online shops. There are people who are trying their best to learn how to work digitally, how to keep your employers motivated and united, how to promote your stores, etc. Everyone has started a couple of courses on Coursera for sure.

That is why business blogs are going up as never before. Be useful to your audience, consider giving tips for those who have just started their way in this, and tell more about how working routine changes during the coronavirus outbreak.

These topics can attract readers:

  • how to start your online shop
  • the most useful courses for young entrepreneurs
  • the best online teambuilding activities
  • how to maintain a professional look while giving a presentation with your kids running around

These were the best content ideas for every niche that will definitely help your readers to go through these tough times, keep them entertained and supported.

Stay home and create great content!

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Egbert Feron is a freelance content writer and blogger, currently working at He learns his entire life with curiosity and shares his knowledge with others in a simple and understandable way. Topics Egbert covers include technology, marketing, business, and lifestyle.

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