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How To Optimize The Battery Life Of Your Smartwatch Connected Watch?

The normal battery capacity of a smartwatch in the market is usually between 300 and 500 mAh. The battery size used in the watch on the other hand depends on the size and structure of the watch itself.

Since the launch of montre connectee sport, one of the biggest concerns that users face is the low battery life. While there are models that can run for up to 7 days, some need to be charged daily in order to work. However, regardless of the duration of your current battery, be aware that it is possible to extend the life of the latter.

Indeed, we have put together some tips on how to optimize the autonomy of your connected watch. Read the guide so you don’t miss anything.

Adjust Screen Brightness:

The brightness of your watch is one of the biggest consumers of battery. You can considerably increase the life of your battery by adjusting the settings. Decreasing the brightness should be the first thing you do when you are inside.

Disabling the always-on-display mode can also significantly optimize the battery life of your smartwatch when not in use. Trying to use another watch face is also a great alternative. In fact, there are watch faces on PlayStore that often offer better battery life than third-party applications such as Facer.

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Note that as with all other operating systems, you have the option of automatically setting the screen brightness according to the environment you are in.

 Block Unwanted Notifications:

It is true that a smartwatch is also used to manage your notifications except that they quickly drain the battery. Some notifications are essential for you to fully enjoy the experience of a connected watch. However, some apps can overload your smartwatch with notifications, which can become quite intrusive.

So, blocking unwanted notifications will definitely help you maximize the battery life of your smartwatch. This will also allow you to prevent your smartwatch memory storage from getting full.

Although some of them are essential, notifications could clutter the storage capacity of your smartwatch. Also, if you don’t filter them out, too many notifications consume quite a bit of power since each notification turns on the screen at all times.


Disable Wi-Fi Sync:

If your smartwatch has WiFi or location services, you can limit connectivity to improve battery life. It is possible to turn off WiFi when you are away from home, but it will consume cell phone data and affect location accuracy.

There’s also an airplane mode (which cuts off all wireless connections) if you need it. Although this is more of a last resort than an everyday solution, activate it to ensure a longer life for your battery. The connected watches are designed for permanent connections, but remember to disconnect when you do not need internet.

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Turn Off GPS:

GPS also tends to reduce battery life, and gadget makers know that. This is the reason why they have implemented many setting options aimed at reducing positioning detection or completely disabling GPS settings.

On Android, you can usually change the location settings to track at “low accuracy” (WiFi and Bluetooth, but not GPS) or at one device only (GPS only). On iOS, you can turn off or set location apps to only use location information when it’s turned on.

The battery life is certainly an important decision criterion when buying any gadget. One would like to use his device without having to face any hassle. Thanks to the long battery life, the user can even take their smartwatch anywhere without having to carry a power bank or look for a switchboard nearby.

The connected watch has brought a rather spectacular revolution in our daily life. That is why it should only be purchased with the best features and functionality in its class and also at the best price. When buying a smartwatch, whether it’s a montre sportive or not, you should look for one that has good battery life, a readable and clear display, GPS, user-friendly controls, etc.

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