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Top 5 Steps To Become UI-UX Designer In 2019

When someone takes the name of ‘design’, there can be many references. It can refer to graphic, textile, fashion, ceramic or print design etc. in today’s technological world though, the design has taken many faces mostly which focus on design for the interface for screen and designs focusing on user experience.

What Do You Mean By UI/ UX?

UI refers to the user interface while UX refers to the user experience. Both UI/UX design services are rather related but play different and crucial roles in the field of design. UI focuses on the interface of the devices that are developed to store any information through which user can comprehend the system easily. This includes screen display, keyboard, desktop appearance, and mouse. The major emphasis of UI is to enhance the overall user experience. On the other hand, UX enhances the user experience by focusing on usability, accessibility so as to ensure that the user is comfortable and can easily interact with the product.

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Given Our Top 5 Steps To Becoming UI/ UX Designer:

1.) Learn The Design Principles:

before going into the practical application, you need to be very clear about the theory of design principles and what are the psychological aspects of design and how can a particular design look attractive. Given are few basic principles that you should get familiar with:

  • Color-Principle of design: emphasizing on the psychology of color.
  • Balance- focusing on symmetry and asymmetry.
  • Contrast- contrast can help building focus and organize the information.
  • Typography: helps in deciding what font and style are best suited for the required occasion.
  • Contrast: it is the most important principle of design

2.) Get Familiar With The Creative UX Process:

UX process consists of the phases that every designer goes through while working for UI/ UX. Divided into 4 phases: discover, deliver, define and develop the map of the design process is defined by double diamond.

  • Discover: designers need to discover the field, look for motivation and inspiration and should do some research to gather new ideas.
  • Define: after discovering the design now it is time for the designer to be in a phase where he defines the idea.
  • Develop: this is the phase where a designer creates concepts and build a prototype to run tests. These tests help them to develop new skills.
  • Delivery: delivery is the phase where the final project is created in order to be finalized and released.


3.) Develop A Taste For Design:

just knowing the design is not enough, you need to develop an eye for a design to be able knows what good design is and what bad design is. The most effective way to train your eye is through research. Sometimes we cannot develop a design of our own so for inspiration, research is a great option. It should be in the routine of a designer to do research in order to be constantly motivated. Looking at others gives you new ideas and enhances your way of looking at a design. Especially when you are a beginner, this can be a very effective way of starting. So whenever you find something relevant then take a note of it and use it wherever needed. For start you can visit the following websites:

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4. Reading Articles Helps A Lot:

there are many design blogs available on the internet and reading is a very good habit. Including reading in your day to day routine can be very beneficial for your design career. Reading articles help you remain updated with the current design trends. You can go for tutorials and cases. You can read about other’s experiences and learn a lot because there is no better way of learning than learning through other’s experiences. Try given websites and bookmark the blogs that you find relatable.


5.) Do The Model Projects:

practice brings out the perfection in the work. Same applies to design projects. The more you will do it the more experience and perfection you will gather. Pick a website or app that you are acquainted with and redesign it.

Following these steps, you will get a step closer to being a great UI/UX designer. Hope they prove to be effective and help you achieve your position.

Hermit ChawlaAbout the Author:Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Best Ui Design Company , Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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