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How To Reduce Mobile App Development Cost?

Modern technologies make it easy for us to handle our daily responsibilities and more. These days you won’t surprise anyone even by using your smartphone to park your car. We spend most of our time using our gadgets (mainly smartphones). Some use them for work, some for fun but we all use them. It doesn’t really matter what operating system your phone uses, there are millions of apps out there for both Android and IOS users.

Building a mobile app can be quite expensive and time-consuming. If you know how to make an app, you should be aware that there are a few different techniques (methodologies) to use, a few different technologies to pick from and other choices to be done. Let’s try and figure out what are those choices and how they can help to save your budget.

Main Types Of Mobile Apps:

Taking into account your project requirements, you would have to make a choice and pick one of the following types of apps.

Native Mobile Apps:

They are built for a specific operating system. Native apps show the best performance and it takes quite some time to build one and you would have to build an app for each OS separately. Thus, this option is the most expensive one.

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Hybrid Mobile Apps:

These apps are created using web development technologies that are later wrapped up in a native container. Hybrid apps can be run on different platforms. Building a hybrid mobile app is the cheapest option but it’s not the best one if performance is critical for your project or if your app has to be able to use hardware (camera, GPS, etc.).

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps:

Like hybrid apps, they can run on different operating systems but they are not the same. Cross-platform apps use a native rendering engine to connect JS code to native components. Cross-platform mobile app development is cost-effective, doesn’t take so much time as native app development but you can’t expect outstanding performance.

Progressive Web Apps:

PWAs are based on web development technologies. They look and act like apps but actually run in a browser. They can access hardware (with some limitations) and they work with an unstable internet connection. This solution is good for ecommerce projects.


How To Hire Mobile App Developers?

It doesn’t matter if it’s ios app development or android app development, cross-platform or hybrid, you would need to know how to hire programmers. Different types of apps require a different kind of budget but the hiring model affects your budget significantly as well. Depending on your goals and budget, you can choose to:

  • Hire freelancers
  • Outsource your project
  • Build an in-house team
  • Use IT-staffing services or offshore software development
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It goes without saying that freelance is the cheapest option but you can’t be sure everything would be done properly, your deadlines would be met, etc. It’s good for hiring someone for a low-budget, small job but not for building an app.

Outsourcing your project is much safer than hiring freelancers but you still can’t be 100% sure everything would go well. That’s because you don’t really get much control over the process. This option is more expensive than the first one but it doesn’t mean you would get outstanding quality and efficiency.

If you have the budget, you can build an in-house development team. It’s the most expensive option for sure but it has its own benefits. For example, if you have a number of similar projects, you could set up a team once and work with your team on all of the projects. You can also help your employees grow as professionals. The thing is, if you only need an app and that it, spending all this time and money on building a team doesn’t make any sense. It would take quite some time to find and hire all the specialists required to get the project done and it’s not an easy job.

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In case you want to avoid the issues related to other hiring models, using outstaffing, offshore software development is a way to go. Your service provider already has a well-established tech talent pipeline and you don’t have to do the tech recruitment. Usually, outstaffing companies would let you save not only on the salaries of the professionals who work on the project but also on operational costs and taxes. This is a relatively new hiring model but it’s the best way to save your budget without hurting the quality of the results.

George FironovAbout the Author:

George Fironov is the Founder and CEO of Talmatic, concierge-type service focused on helping tech companies to hire dedicated remote software engineers. I’m passionate about people, technology and innovation. I dedicated my career to building professional teams that empower our customers with the latest tech expertise they need to be successful.

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