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5 Desirable Mobile App Graphic Design Trends For 2019

In this emerging world of technology, the demands of graphics are high as compared to older times. Basically, graphic design is an art as well as science. It serves some purpose which involves creativity related to visual concepts using the software. It is usually done to influence and mesmerize consumer who are interested in this domain. An overall layout is structured is prepared in the form of posters, pamphlets, magazines, brochures and advertisements which is used for communication purpose.

1.) The Need For Graphic Design:

In this competitive world, it is essential to convey your thoughts in a creative manner as people prefer it more. It adds credibility and professional touch to your views and opinions. Also, affordable graphic design contributes more to the decision-making process and people spend a hefty amount in this area as it forms a critical part when it comes to make or break any business. Because of its versatile nature in the business scenario, the market and demand for effective and efficient graphic designers are huge. They act as a bridge between potential customers and the business because of the effective design and logo; they are able to attract new business people. However, the trend for graphic designs changes time to time due to various factors such as taste and preference of customers, market demand, change in technology and other requirements.

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According to sources, people spend most of their valuable time using different apps and websites and the percentage of consumers using apps are quite higher as compared to websites. Hence, a killer and sturdy app design with powerful features create a lot of buzz in the market. Currently, in 2019, the trends which are prevailing in the market are dealt below:

2.) User-Friendly Interface For Seamless Experience:

Users is the main target of any brand. So, the User interface plays a vital role in attracting customers. Adding features such as customer illustration interface which will include distinctive shapes, figures, and styles to the mobile application to make it more appealing and provide uniqueness to the app. Also, voice-assisted interfaces such as Siri will which help the user to voice arrange. Keep the UI simple along with blank screen space for better functionality.


3.) 3-D Design As A Trendsetter:

These designs make the image more appealing and realistic in nature. By incorporating these effects using various graphic designing tools, a higher demand can be generated in the market. In 2019, the usage of these 3d effects along with fresh color combination may create buzz around the corner and also put up positive responses.

4.) Use Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning:

There is a rise in demand for incorporation of machine learning and AI these days. It will allow making recommendations for the users who are interested in customizations. The AI tools will help the designers to restore the effects, colors, fonts. Taking the example of Adobe, its AI (Sensei) will help designers in graphics. Also, it will identify various patterns in the image which will help the designers to recreate or edit the graphics.

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5.) Overlapping Effects Shall Reign The Trend:

The modern era of graphics has introduced some overlapping effects such as multiple overlapping. This basically involves placing images, pictures, text, and colors stylishly overlap each other and give a subtle effect to the overall structure. This trend will also trigger sharper and crispier gradients to look more natural and classy and it will also trigger the development of transparency in the latest UI designs.

Usage of vivid colors-Currently, people are obsessed with lighted hue colors, a splash of brightness, shades of bright corals. By taking into consideration, various brands are creating palette accordingly so as to gain maximum consumer advantage. As of now, Apple, a major trendsetter company has already applied these features in their affordable graphic designs.

By taking into consideration all the mentioned trends that will take over the market, it can be concluded that most of the trends share one common thing which involves creating the sleek and concise user experience and satisfaction which is an integral part of their workings. The future of graphic designing is a fascinating experience as a whole and it will grow multiples times depending on the improvements in app development.

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