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Basic Guide: How To Make Your First Fiverr Sale?

If you are a beginner in Fiverr and want to generate your very first Fiverr sale, then this definitive guide will help you for that. After you signed up in this global online marketing platform and see a bunch of gigs having sales in thousands of dollars per month, you started thinking to get some money from it and increase your monthly revenue.

You will be surely looking to add a number of your services in the list of over 2 million amazing Fiverr gigs! Buyers are always looking for a reputed and high rating seller. And if you want to become one among them, you need to have sells on your gigs. So, let’s get started to know how to make your first Fiverr sale.

1.) Create Attractive Gig And Add Your Original Photo:

Create a gig offering some unique and extra services than the other popular gigs in your category. For a beginner, this is the most trusted way to get the attraction of the buyer. Add your original profile photo and add as much information as you can about you and your work. If a buyer finds you genuine enough, your chances of getting the first sale will rise high.

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2.) Know Your Skills:

If you know your work skills enough, you can easily pick up the most appropriate category for you on Fiverr. For example, if you are a motion graphics artist, then you can create an awesome video gig for your clients showing your skills. If you are good in online marketing, then create your gig in SEO category to attract the global clients looking to market their brands and websites. Discover your potential and be ready to start serving your clients from across the world.


3.) Add Detailed Description And Video:

Add as much information as much you can for your service. Provide genuine images for your work and if you can add a video of you or your product for describing the service you are offering then it’s great. Research has shown that a video gig has 40% more boosts than of a regular gig. You can even add faqs also in your gig. Don’t put your work URLs in the gig description. It is not recommended by the Fiverr community.

4.) Improve The Use Of Keywords:

Think as you are a buyer and looking for the exact service you are offering. Then what will you type to find a relative gig for that service, by keeping in mind these things will help you in creating an outstanding gig, which gets more exposure. You can also get suggestions from the gigs of Top-rated sellers. Put your keywords in title and description, and yes, make sure that you avoid keyword overstuffing.

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5.) Analyze Your Gigs And Sales Every Day:

At the top right side of your Fiverr navigation menu, click on the sales tab. Click on the ‘Analytics’ tab on a sales page. Here you can view the impressions, clicks, CTR and sales of your particular gig. By continuous analysis of this information, you can improve your gig’s description and can attract more buyers to your gigs. A consistent analysis helps you know the reasons of low gig conversion and high bounce rate.

As all of us know, Fiverr is a very popular online marketplace which has all the gigs set at a fixed price. No bargaining, no haggling, and no discounts at all (Excluding if a seller wants to give special discounts on its services). Though, the sales on Fiverr really depends on the category, your skills of work and how you represent yourself and your services, if you follow the above tips then there are more chances to have your first Fiverr sale in quick time.

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Pandya Mandip is a graduate in Information and Technology. He is a passionate blogger, SEO Specialist, and a Software Developer. He loves to write on technology, SEO, micro job websites like Fiverr and Internet Tips and Tricks.

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