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12 Top Resources For Mobile Web Design

12 Top Resources For Mobile Web Design

Within this article you will find a few good tools for mobile web design. One of the best ones is SmashApp. This is because it is actually a gallery of apps that work for an Android and Apples iOS. It shows more apps that this article could hope to cover and you will find that the presence of so many apps actually acts as inspiration for more unconventional web design. It is very easy to browse and has a lot of screenshots for each app.

1.) Apple Inspires Me:

This app is designed for the iOS and is great for fans of Apple. It has things such as aftermarket accessories for web design, as well as sections for browsing site designs and freebies for interface design.

2.) Behance:

This is a nice tool for showing your work off and being hired by companies. It allows you to upload your designs into a profile and highlight all of your efforts in the same way you would if you were meeting a client face to face with a portfolio. It also has a very good search engine installed so that people can find exactly what they are looking for.
They also have a curated gallery in which people hand pick the work of members and showcase them for the benefit of visitors. Even if you do not fancy putting your own work into the hands of Behance–it is still a good place to see the work of others and get a few ideas yourself.

3.) Creattica:

This is one of the biggest inspiration galleries for mobile web designers. It boasts over four thousand designers who are showing off their many designs. They also host other graphical designs other than web designs. They have a mobile interface design section including an icon selection section.
They also have a gallery with UI elements such as windows, buttons, media players and windows. They have a few freebies for visitors to use (instead of just stealing their ideas and code), plus you can keep up to date with new additions in the gallery via their RSS feeds.

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4.) FWA Mobile Showcase:

Their “Favorite Website Award” is a web award program that some people hold in high esteem. Some people feel that they showcase some of the best web design, execution and conceptualization on the web. They also have a mobile section that you can access from both your mobile and your desktop.

5.) Iospirations:

If you are looking to create a website or app for the iPhone or the iPad then you should use iospirations. They have tools for icon, app and site design.

6.) jQuery Mobile Gallery:

This is for mobile designs only and revolves around their jQuery library.

12 Top Resources For Mobile Web Design

7.) LaudableApps:

This tool has a fairly sparse layout and large website screen shots. It is growing in size, but is currently used as inspiration for mobile web designers. It has a nice selection of designs to help give you a few ideas for your own designs.

8.) Loviv:

With this you are able to share your ideas and projects with other web designers and peers. You are able to give out and receive feedback on your designs. The design is very clear and clean so that a designer can easily pick through designs with ease. It also has screenshots and a lot of filters so that you can narrow you choices down to what you really want.

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9.) Mobile Awesomeness:

It does not have all the tools of a larger and more expensive mobile web design utensil, but it does highlight good quality design that is optimized for the smaller mobile device screen. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed to keep up to date with their latest additions.

10.) Mobile Tuxedo:

This has Android and iOS app development tools, help and inspiration. It also has design templates that are free and lots of tools, plugins and resources to help you create your mobile website. They have articles on website design to help you learn how to create mobile web designs. They also have articles on app design too (if you are also interested in that sort of thing).

11.) Pinterest:

It is a great little visual bookmarking service and a great place to find inspiration for mobile web design. Have a look at this site on your mobile device and see how many beautiful concepts exist that you can copy. Mobile device designers often use this social media site as an inspiration for building niche mobile sites.

12.) Scoutzie:

This is a network that holds lots of designer that you can use as consultants. They also showcase mobile design excellence in Android, iOS and Windows categories.

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