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4 Ways To Jazz Up A Website To Grab The Visitor’s Attention

Getting the attention of someone who visits your website is not easy to do. Attention spans are notoriously short these days with so many websites competing for eyeballs. What you want to do is find a way to make your site a little more interesting than your competitors, to impress enough to extend their time on-site.

Here are four ways to jazz up a website to make it better than your competitors’ sites.

Use Infographics With Posts:

Every few posts with a new article, you should order an infographic to publish. An infographic is a graphical banner that is long and slim. It contains some facts and figures that are relevant to the article and the topic being described. Colourful elements are used to keep the visitor scanning down the infographic from top to bottom, taking in the information presented.

These types of graphical presentations are not hard to produce. You can use a free tool like Canva or hire a professional from a freelancing site to make a custom infographic to your exact specifications. If you use, you’ll find graphics artists have different price points, depending on how many data points you want.

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Proper Article Presentation:

When publishing articles, you should work to make them look more presentable. Each logical section needs a graphics image suggesting a break in the text. When using numbered lists, see if you can find some graphics for the numbers to make it look more appealing. Pay attention to the margins to ensure the copy is fully viewable and doesn’t come close to overlapping the sidebar or hitting the edge of the browser window.

Also, consider the font size carefully. While a larger font size displays fewer words above the fold, it also makes the written content more readable and scannable for visitors. When heavily involved in content marketing, putting your best foot forward is important.



Animated content is not what people expect when visiting a website or loading an article up, so it’s an excellent way to grab the attention of the reader. Spiel Creative are specialists in 2D, 3D, whiteboard, and stop-motion animation techniques to produce stunning final products that bring ideas to life in dramatic fashion. Whether you are wanting to explain a new product in a visual manner, create a moving 3D animation that tells a story, or simply add a new visual element that was unexpected, web animation productions pack a punch.

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When you feel a slideshow that’s similar to a PowerPoint presentation is the best way to get your points access, then a service like Slideshare offers an excellent way to create a series of slides, embed them into a page or post, and make them shareable on other sites too. The best slideshows often go viral with other websites choosing to publish them as well.

Improving the presentation of a website goes a long way towards keeping the visitor’s attention after they’ve arrived, which substantially reduces the site’s bounce rate. Poorly presented websites that lack rich media content tend to also rank poorly with Google, which favours diverse media use on websites now.

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