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Unblock Torrent Websites With Ease

A torrent is a small file of approximately 50 Kb that contains all the information about the file that we want to download. They can be “opened” with programs like Azureus, BitTorrent, uTorrent … etc. The torrent (actually the protocol is called bitTorrent) is itself a protocol for sharing files. Years have passed since the moment they were widespread, dividing users into peers and seeders, depending on their mission.

What is even cooler – we can get any download ongoing even when we are offline. Find a file you need, press start and go to work – in the evening grab a snack and watch a new movie. If you have no clue on what is torrenting, imagine that there is no need to buy any DVDs or other important programmes you can share these expenses with other members and than get what you want via Torrents. Special websites make our downloading abilities unlimited.

This trick reduces expenses and saves family budgets, so there is no surprise in this software getting banned. Although there is a group of people that believe in absolute freedom. they have discovered a few methods of making this app work.

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Browser Extensions:

Have you heard of hidden options in your browser? What we need here is to make these extensions work for us. Professionals use traffic economy extensions that help unblocking all ‘accidentally’ blocked websites.

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Some companies have launched special access plugins for each browser. They can be easily found at online shops, like Google Webstore and other platforms depending on your browser. Find what you need there, install it in your PC and get a quick access to whatever you might need.



What is the most important thing we should realize about any blocked resource is that there are still locations where these sites are freely available. There is no need to move to another state or country to reach them – what you need is changing your IP address.

Literary, you should make websites think you’re browsing from another country. If there is no overwhelming love between you and your current browser – download one of these:

  • Opera (the new one, launched in 2016)
  • Tor browser
  • DNS browser
  • Frigate

All these browsers have inbuilt VPN services that help them switch from country to country depending on what site users are trying to go. This process is fully automated.


If there is no chance you can break up with your current browser, but there is an urgent need to change your location virtually – try one of these tiny applications. They work with any browser taking not that much space and showing no influence on connection speed or traffic wastes.

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Together with IP change, VPN services protect our virtual privacy and guarantee complete online freedom. They open up a tunnel within which our computer functions without being detected by harmful devices and cyber criminals.

It is up to you to choose an option for unlocking some of the most useful services, but we hope this material will be helpful for you.

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