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Living In Luxury: The 3 Most Amazing Celebrity-Owned Private Islands

The modern world is as stressful as it can be. We are constantly surrounded by noise, rushing, car horns and sirens, not to mention the direct stress we have to deal with day after day. A temporary solution to block out all this stress is to escape to another world – for most of us, it’s a virtual one, with blogs, social networks, and an occasional casual game at the Red Flush. Actually, the Red Flush is unique, capable of opening up a different world with its amazing jackpots and big wins. And it can accompany us anywhere – the Red Flush Mobile is easy to carry around, offering a few minutes of relaxation whenever we have a minute to spare.

Being a celebrity usually comes with more than just tons of unwanted media attention and all the stress it causes – it also comes with tons of cash at hand. Singers, actors, media personalities and socialites often spend too much time in the spotlight, which makes them want to have a place where they can retreat – like most of us. For an average person like you and me, such a place would be a cabin in the woods. Not for them, though – they can afford another level of luxury, retreating to amazing places surrounded by the sea, isolated from the mad world around them. Below you’ll find a list with not the biggest celebrity-owned private islands, but the most amazing ones.

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Ricky Martin’s Island In Angra Dos Reis, Brazil:

The years he spent on stage seem to have been more than enough for the 44-year-old Puerto Rican pop legend. Soon after the birth of his twin sons, but long before he came out of the closet, he has fallen for the allure of owning his secluded little corner of the world: he invested in around $8 million in a private island. The place is so secluded that it’s surrounded by secrecy: other than it’s located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, there’s not much to be known about it. Not even its name.

Eddie Murphy’s Rooster Cay Retreat:

Eddie Murphy was one of the legendary faces – and voices – of the 1980s and 1990s big screen, but he withdrew from the public life in the mid-2000s. Still, his fortune was enough to pay for his private retreat in the Bahamas – his private island in the Bahamas reportedly set him back $15 million. But it was worth every cent, by the looks of it.

Robin Williams’ Rumored Retreat In British Columbia:

The late comedian has most likely had enough of the world since he invested in a private island in the Pender Harbor, British Columbia. Or at least he was rumored to since the news about him buying his own small corner of the world have never been confirmed. The island itself is beautiful, though, and locals say it did indeed belong to the late comedy legend.

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