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Does Your Business Need An Animated Explainer Video?

Who doesn’t like a pros and cons list? The favorite tool of a writer or that of the indecisive! Be it whoever there’s some part of us that likes to go through pros and cons list. And today that’s exactly what we’re going to do in the context of animated explainer videos could be productive for your business in a big way or not maybe!

By now you know that these videos have been coined as necessary tools for marketing campaigns of businesses of all kinds. There is no doubt truth to this blazon, and today we are going to pitch animated videos against three other best alternatives used for promoting businesses. Viz, text, stylish video ads and no explainers at all.

Explainer Videos VS None At All


The purpose which explainer videos serve to your business is it explains complex concepts in a simpler and easier way. The audience knows what to do after they understand the idea as there’s always a call-to-action at the end of the videos. So, if you want to prove your product’s worth to your audience in a convincing, quick and easy-to-understand way then explainers are definitely going to be your best friend.

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People think it takes great effort in understanding anything that’s difficult which simply means that humans are lazy. So an animated explainer video that does all the difficult explaining part all at one place is a much better option any day. In a quite straight forward fashion it does make life a little simpler.


Explainer videos take time to make and cost big bucks. If you decide not to go for an explainer then you might save up on the initial time and cost of video production. It gives you time to create with your team the right message to be used to communicate with the audience.

But it’s completely up to you as not using an explainer might risk your company to be overlooked, misunderstood or simply passed by due to little or no understanding of your product or service.


Explainers VS Text-Based Information:


Videos definitely grab more attention and are absorbed better than text information. That’s because as mentioned earlier people have shorter attention spans but since you’re reading this text-based article you’re definitely an exception! But it’s possible that you’re checking your phone, playing an online game or just passing time at work! But if this info was presented to you in the form of a quick animated explainer video with visuals and audio, then it’s less likely you’d be switching browsers.
In the world of internet, a minute in too long so a viewer in that one minute knows about a brand, gets information and decides whether he wants to be the company’s customer or not. All due to the dexterity of explainer videos.

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Here too, as mentioned earlier animated explainer videos come with a big price tag. On the other hand the cost of developing text for a company website is very less of none is some cases. An insider of the company or a professional copywriter with much lesser prices than video production can do the job. There’s no special software required for making edits in the content.

But again, we are talking about the bigger picture where the key concern is to grab clients and customers then explainers are holding a rank of their own here.

Explainers VS Stylish Advertisements:


The difference between explainers and stylized ads is that explainers aim to simplify a complex message or product while these ads mostly concentrate in creating a mood and appealing to emotions. In other words animated explainer videos are logical while stylized ads play with pathos.


A simple product such as perfume which is simple but upmarket too does not require any explanation. Perfumes, luxury cars, tourism etc. are luxury items and not needs. So creating an explainer for these items is not always a suggested advice. Instead stylized ads works best for products like these.

So, having a look at the pros and cons list it can be finally said that an animated explainer video is not required for every product or service that needs to be promoted in the online market!

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Dharmendra AhujaAbout The Author:Dharmendra Ahuja, PitchWorx , Animation video company with a dedicated creative team of 2d animators and graphic designers who create animated explainer videos for startups and corporates, infographics, corporate presentation designs.

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