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How Is Amp Impacting The Retail Industry? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

When the topic boils down to online shopping and e-commerce, the importance of speed cannot be ignored. As per recent research, a whopping 40 percent of users would leave a website if the e-commerce page in which they are shopping takes more than 5 seconds to load correctly. On the other hand, search engines of today always give a higher priority to those mobile pages that load quickly. Interestingly, the e-commerce companies of today have now realized that the overall experience of a buyer is crucial to close a sale.

It is also a widely accepted fact that early bounce rates pose a big problem for the retailers. In this context, it is vital to mention that 80% mobile websites take more than 10 seconds to load correctly on a 3G network. Hence, it is quite evident that e-commerce and online retailers need to optimize their shopping page in such a manner that it would load quickly even on poor connectivity. This is where the role of AMP fits in nowadays.

What Is Google AMP?

AMP is the acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is the latest technology which enhances the speed with which the internet page loads on a mobile device. It is an openly sourced initiative which works on the principle of designing optimized content for mobile devices by the publishers. This is how it facilitates the feature of instant loading everywhere. In this fast-paced world, slow loading web pages can pose a significant problem in the front of online retailers. It can be a frustrating affair for the customers, and online retailers can stand the chance of losing potential customers. However, with the introduction of Google AMP, it has been observed that smartphone users are now getting better mobile experience.

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The Ways By Which Google AMP Affect The Retail World:

There is an urgent need among the online retailers to adapt themselves to this new form of technology as it offers a vast sales incentive. Quite interestingly, AMP has progressed to form an integral part of the marketing automation strategy. As Google enjoys close ties with the search engine results and impression rates, AMP will be the future of innovation for online retailers. As per Google, AMP would fit the scheme of things for e-commerce sites because it usually makes web pages fast. Furthermore, fast webpages help to attract more customers on a particular online shopping site. On the other hand, a quick loading webpage would offer more to a user in a given time frame than a non-AMP page.


How Does AMP For Online Retailers Work?

It is interesting to note that the small web pages are copied into the cache of Google’s AMP. This enables them to load in milliseconds. In the initial stages, after it was conceived, it was used by the publishers. However, owing to its success, it is now being used by e-commerce giants. Interestingly, by seeing the success of AMP, in March, Yahoo Japan has also designed AMP that can be used by e-commerce giants. It is also an important aspect to note that HTML pages and AMP are made up of open-source components. AMP optimized web pages have no such limitations of JavaScript and controlled markup. These are the crucial factors that make AMP web pages fast.

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The Implications Of AMP On The Online Retail World:

It is interesting to note that AMP has a direct impact on online commerce as it renders the users with a better surfing experience. With the advent of smartphones and the increasing proliferation of internet services, the globe is witnessing a surge in online purchases and transactions. On the other hand, it is also a fascinating aspect to note that an AMP enabled website also helps an e-commerce site to rank better in the search engine results. Moreover, there are high chances that their pages would open faster on popular social media platforms including the likes of Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, it has also been observed that when online retailers adapted AMP enabled pages in their site, they found exponential growth in the returns. Earrings are a classic example of this observation thus accounting for its shift from offline to online retail market.

What Does The Future Hold For AMP?

Although it is still in the initial phases of implementation, even it promises a better mobile experience. The significant shift of online retailers to AMP enabled web pages best articulates its popularity. On the other side, AMP has taken mobile e-commerce to new levels. It is so because, with the demand of cross-platform web platforms on a steady rise, AMP would ensure that web pages of a particular site loads quickly on any mobile device. With AMP, the future looks brighter for small-scale businesses that have attractive products but fail to get the likes of big brands. The malware present from pop-ups and ads would slowly become a thing of past with AMP.

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