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Basic Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers

As you know that Facebook is a popular Social Media so every one have an account of it where he/she is sharing all of his moments with his friends and family. Now hackers also have a fixed target to get all data of there target by just hacking one account that they are doing day and night.

Now if you are a victim then you cant blame Facebook for security as Facebook give whole security to you and you have to choose whether you want to be secure or not. In real no one is secured in the world as you know that some days ago, Facebook Founder official fanpage got hackers so who are you? Now you can only take some steps to be secure from normal hackers that we are describing below.

Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account?

If you want to secure your account then you have a two list that you have to follow. On is Do’s and other is Dont’s. So follow these all official tips and features to securer your account from being hacked.

Dont’s (With Solution):

Don’t Do the following this in your account immediately…

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1.) Check Application Permission:

Facebook is not fill of Apps, Games, Tools where third party are mostly included. Now anything want you to do on Facebook first ask you a permission that you dont read and allow. In real they are taking all your account information officially. So its time to check before allowing any Apps, Games etc. Dont see only names because now users are also using big com[any apps to hack account. Only allow those apps that you need and try to make the Apps list min. You can see your allowed apps at Facebook Apps Setting Page.

2.) Click On Facebook Wall Links:

You have seen many videos and pics that have an attractive view and there is a link with them that they are asking you to click to see more photos and videos like this. This is the basic and easiest way to hack an account. When you will click on this link then you will be 100% login to your Facebook account that mean all your data will be fetched by that link page that have hidden code and they don’t need the login permission as you are login already. So don’t click any links on Facebook. If you want to open a link then copy the link and open it another browser where you are not logged in your account.

3.) Download Softwares:

While you are opening a link where they are pressurizing to download the codes or any software to watch you the video or open the page then don’t do this. These software are hard virus that enter in your PC and not only get Facebook information but also all account information that you are using in you PC browser. To avoid this, we recommend you to install Avast Free Antivirus that can fight against them.

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4.) Facebook Message:

Sometime you will receive a message in your email or Facebook message tab that says that your account is going to hack, please secure it by clicking on the link or sending the loin information to Facebook by replying the email. All are hacking tricks. Facebook doesn’t send any message in Facebook inbox and all emails are coming from Facebook domain. So don’t reply to these messages or emails or never click on links that are attached in messages and emails also.

Do’s (With Reason):

Do the following this in your account immediately…

1.) Change Your Password Regularly:

Don’t keep a same password for too long time. Keep it change after some weeks or days regularly. Always use all characters from keyboard and never use a word or sentence in your password. Use min 16+ characters in your password and make it hard as you self cant remember. Cahnge your password from Facebook Setting.

2.) Personal Phone No:

Always add your personal phone no as Facebook can use that in any circumstances if your account is hacked or you lost password or your account is banned or disables. Its quite easy to use phone instead of Photo Tag Verification that you know better how hard it is. Also make your Phone No in your profile to “Only Me”.

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3.) Facebook Security Question:

Always add security question and write a hard answer that you know only. Don’t relay on your friends because that can also hack your account so never tell any information to anyone even he is your close one too.

4.) Facebook Login Notification:

Turn on Facebook login notification fter that you will get all information to your Facebook email that who login to your account and from where. You can turn it on from Facebook Security Setting.

5.) Facebook Login Approvals:

Turn on Facebook login Approvals after that you will get code to your phone while login to your account that you will use to login to your account and other cant even login if he have email and password too. You can turn it on from Facebook Security Setting.

6.) Real Friends Only:

Add your real friends only who you know directly. For unknown you can create a group or a page tho gather and group change and stay connected with unknowns. As a friends, they have a half access to your information so keep an eye on it also.

Last Words:

These are some official tips and features that will help you to make your account secure so follow this to make yourself secure and your data also. If you got hacked then Recover Your Profile by Facebook offical way. Stay with us to get ore about this topic.

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