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The Top 10 Rules For Social Media Marketing That Work

The Top 10 Rules For Social Media Marketing That Work

Here are ten rules, or facts (if you will) that will help your social media marketing campaign work. Each one is a fact that if you read into it will help you craft a better social media marketing campaign. Be it a fact for things you should avoid and things you should do, or be it a fact that has a direct impact on how you work with social media, the list will help you out.

1.) Over Promotion Is A Killer:

People are not logging on to social media to see adverts, and frankly they are the thing they are going to avoid first. A slow burn is better if you are thinking about social media marketing.

2.) More Followers Does Not Mean More Customers:

This is just a fact of life. Obviously, if you have no followers then you are not going to have any customers, but it is all about targeting and not followers. Target the right people and you will get your customers.

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3.) Get The Media Content Right:

Put the right type of media onto the right type of social media networks. Showing photos on YouTube is REDICULOUS!! If you are one of those people then you should slowly peel back your eyelids with a rusty pin.

4.) Influencers Actually Influence People:

Believe it or not, but the name “influencer” is quite accurate within social media. If you find an influencer then that influencer will influence people into buying your products and visiting your website. All you have to do is find one and pay one.

5.) Going Viral Is Like Shoveling Snow Onto A Beach:

It is a lot of work for nothing that lasts. Buzz marketing was a big deal, and many publicity companies will tell you it’s great, but the effects in most cases are not worth the effort and energy you put in. There is a chance that you are going to make viral content by accident, so all you have to do is be a little more original and there is a chance that you will go viral at some point anyway.

The Top 10 Rules For Social Media Marketing That Work

6.) High Quality Content Is Only Second To Relevant Content:

A high quality funny story on a mortuary social media profile is about as welcome as a moose in a mouse trap. High quality is important, but make sure that your content is relevant and interesting to the target audience. Even poor quality content is worthy of a look if it happens to be funny or a bit of a revelation.

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7.) Maintain A Brand Or Reputation:

Do not try to direct sell or work for conversions because you will just fall flat on your face. Social media is more about talking and communication, so use that communication to educate people about your brand, and the sales will come as a secondary effect.

8.) Copying Other People’s Crap Will Get You Traffic:

It is just a fact of life. If you want to tickle your fury glands then go to Google images and Google things that Americans think are “ironic” because for some reason Americans know what sarcasm is better than anyone else in the world, but are completely lost on the point of irony. There are images that say, “I posted something original on my Facebook wall and someone copied me and got more likes, ironic isn’t it.” Obviously, to anybody with an ounce of sense (which rules out 70% of America) it is not ironic.

Ironic is how most of the “Long Live America” flags that were waved during the second George Bush Jnr election were made in China. Still, the American boob makes a truthful point in his flailing way by pointing out that copied things on social media are able to bring you traffic and social media recognition.

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9.) Your Friends Can Help You Make A Splash By Spreading Your Stuff:

This is true for the fact that many people tend to have quite a group of friends and followers on social media. Many of them are more than happy to help you spread your message and get more followers, so all you have to do is ask them.

10.) Scheduled Posting Tools Are Helpful Because It Helps You Plan Your Campaign:

You can plan and arrange your posts months in advance and then allow the scheduling tools to do all the posting for you. It is better this way because it is easier to organize and to plan.

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