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Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly

Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly

Making a perfect eCommerce website is not an easy task as there are many things you need to consider in making a good eCommerce website. Here in this article I will cover most of the important aspects that should be considered and mistakes that should be avoided. If we think of SEO prospective after the Google Penguin and panda updates us needs to make a website that user friendly and needs to have a good content it could be in any form like news, photos, videos etc.

As per the current trend Google is removing the commercial sites from the search result and replacing them with its own shopping programs or ads. The search engine tries to focus totally on content not for products. So In that case you must consider hiring a good experienced SEO who must have knowledge of not only getting ranking but who also knows that how to generate sales.

At the same time, after the 2010 there are number of consumers prefer to buy products online even those who were afraid of buying online now feel safe with it. So we can assume that in the next coming years more and more people will prefer to buy online because the reason is that they get good offers and good deal than the retail stores and they don’t need to waste their time to check the products and they can have the products at a few clicks at the comfort of their home.

Now the question is what can be the perfect ecommerce website that stays ahead in the competition?

Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly

Attractive ECommerce Website Design With Less Loading Time:

Before we think about SEO we must consider once the visitors came to our site how you will give a good experience of buying products or how to boost sales rate each month as much as possible so below are the important points to consider for that.

  • A design that attracts consumer at the first look because first impression is the last impression.
  • The important elements that keep user to check various pages. Below is the example that the user can see the navigation like this so he can access pages quickly if he interested to view.
  • Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly
  • Gain trust by offering secure transaction. Below is the example of it.
  • Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly
  • Let the visitors leave reviews about the products and offer earn points and participate in forums
  • Quick loading site is highly important for reducing the bounce rate.
  • Make a simple buying process if possible don’t make it long by signing up processes. 
  • Use Pop-Ups for Boost Sale of your important product below is the example of it.
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Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly

Above you know the basic things about a good eCommerce website design now let’s talk about the sites that have lots of graphics and flash. These days there are so many eCommerce websites that have so many graphics and flash and as per the current Google algorithm trend website must have quality content so here are some important tips for the website those using flash.

Important Tips For ECommerce Website Designers:

  • It’s really not a good idea to fulfill the page with graphics, images of Flash. You must have at-list few lines that explain about your brand or about the products.
  • If you want to get SEO benefits always create a separate HTML page for each flash page. It’s easy to install flash movies in HTML pages, so search engine also can crawl and visitors can also view don’t try to manipulate search engine by showing anything else as a search engine is even smarter.
  • Make a perfect HTML version of the flash website and forgetting all design done perfectly your designer must have a good experience and must have knowledge about SEO trend.
  • Current updated Flash development tools offer many SEO tools like you can add Meta data to your movies.
  • Make use of Flash search engine SDK.
  • To reduce the duplication issues review the HTML text. Font color, background color etc.
  • It is an old tactic that makes doorway pages and showing a different page to the crawler and users so simply avoid it and use latest tool that simply show you what flash file is visible to search engine. So it will be very effective in terms for SEO Analysis.

Effective Product Display Matters:

Your website must have the wow factor that attracts the consumer and for that it’s important to use advanced multimedia platform like (HD videos, audio, images, animation) that talk about your products and help to boost your business. Below is some example of images to show products that give a better impression at first look.

Make An Ideal ECommerce Website With SEO & User Friendly

Above you know how making a quality eCommerce website but here are some mistakes that must be avoided while you build an eCommerce website. Here are the common mistakes that we must avoid.

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Bad Payment Process: We are making an ecommerce website for business and making an easy payment gateway is highly important so use payment gateway that consumer feel preferable and secured.

Don’t overload your site: Keep your site simple and make everything accessible on the home page and give straight forward information.

No important products on the homepage: Most of the visitors will come to your website homepage so it’s like an entrance door of a website. So your top products, current offers, and other important products must be there on the home page.

Not having Products return terms & policy: In online business consumer can’t feel the products and check it so you must have the best return policy if the product has a defect or customer receive a damaged product in that case you must provide a good return policy. It will gain trust also.

Not Securing your Website: As I have already mentioned above about gaining trust but for complete solution buy an SSL certificate that give your consumers a peace of mind that their transaction is safe.

Poor SEO: Getting a rank means of a particular is same like a making your shop at a good market place. To give a good justice to your site and to gain business and visitors your website must rank well and use social media for brand awareness this days interest, Facebook, twitter are booming. So hire an SEO who can help you gain rank and also bring more followers to social sites.

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Less Focus on Boost Selling: When a visitor decides to buy any product that means he/she likes your product and likes your offers so in the checkout process you can have a section for offering other products that related to the products he/she buy. For example: one customer is buying clothes so he/ she might be interested to buy shoes, wrist watches, and other fashion products that suits to the clothes his buy. By offering such products he/she might think of-list to check the products and by that there will be a good chance to boost your sale.


Current online business is flooded with ecommerce website. There are thousands of ecommerce website is there but if you want to stay ahead in the competition you must apply above mentioned important things on your website and one thing is conformed that if you want to be the best you must come up with innovative ideas and new strategy for your business that other website has not applied yet. It’s all about having the wow factor on your website. For complete solution you can hire a professional eCommerce consultant or a company that can guide you each step for increasing your online business.

About the Author:
Kartik Donga would like to write content on eCommerce. He is associated with the Ecumen Consultancy and helping to build ecommerce website, online marketing strategy and eCommerce consulting services to small and large scale business.

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