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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Use Your Facebook Profile Picture As Facebook Smiley

This Article Was Live On: Thursday, March 7, 2013 And Till Now Have6 comments.
Use Your Facebook Profile Picture As Facebook SmileyHere people are bored from inbuilt facebook chat smiles and want something new, So here is the tip for new smiles. That smiley which you want to show in facebook chat box to your friend, just upload that to your profile pic.And paste the below code to the chat box, Your friend get the smiley of your choices...

Are you tired of just sending Normal boring old Emoticons and chat Smileys on Facebook chat. Yeah the boring , etc’s ? Introducing the new Facebook Chat smileys that now lets you use the profile picture of any User, Brand Page, Event as an chat Smiley...!!!

That means if you have a friend with a ugly pic, you can send that pic as a smiley to anyone, or you have someone with an epic photo profile pic such as that of Homer Simpson, you can send that to many.

By now, everyone on Facebook is pretty well-versed with emoticons. Some of them are as simple as :) while others like :putnam: are a bit more odd. And now you can have even stranger faces by turning your friend's profile pictures into an emoticon! It's not new, but even the best chatters out there don't know this one.
This works only in the Facebook chat window. For some reason, it does not work in the recently emoticon-capable comments section on Facebook. Why? Who knows. Anyways, to make someone's profile pic your emoticon in Facebook chat, just:

How To Do That?

1.) Go to the Facebook profile of the person or your's own whose picture you want to use.
2.) Find the profile ID or the UserName. (ID/UserName Finder Online Tool)
3.) Copy just the profile ID or the UserName.
4.) Go to the chat window and type in [[ProfileID/UserName]] and press enter. For example [[EXEIdeas]] is my page username.
5.) Done, Like It Then Don't Forget To Say Thanks...

Use Your Facebook Profile Picture As Facebook Smiley

Final Words

So, it is another trick on facebook, like it then leave your comment about it.

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  1. I tried it & worked great, hey [[EXEIdea]] you were rocks. :)

    1. You Are Welcome To Visit Us And Leaving Your View...

  2. although it took much time to try.. but finally I got this trick.. thanks for sharing it .. now I can use my PP as a smiley.. :) :)

    1. You Are Welcome To Use This Trick, Be-With Us To Get More...

  3. hey guy, i'm come from VN and i tríed it. it don't work =.=

    1. Send A Msg To Our Facebook Page. We Will Show You The Live DEMO There...


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