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Not Just Presentations: Amazing Things To Do With Microsoft PowerPoint

So you thought PowerPoint presentations was just about making business presentations and pitches? Well, you’re certainly mistaken and probably, err not to seem rude, even deluded! There is a lot more you can achieve using Microsoft PowerPoint, going beyond just coursework and business presentations. In this blog we try to summarize some of the “cooler” things that anyone can do using this powerful tool known as PowerPoint!

Here are certain lesser known uses of Microsoft PowerPoint:

1.) Create A Multiple Choice Quiz:

If you’re a market surveyor, you need a comprehensive set of questions and a set of possible answers to each before you launch your product in the market. If you’re a teacher, you need to test your pupils’ wit using pop quizzes every now and then. Need a tool for the same? Well, look no further because Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create a multiple choice quiz template!

2.) Create A Story Template:

What are PowerPoint presentations known for? Well, they are known for weaving stories, albeit in a more visually compelling way! PowerPoint allows you to play around with templates making it just about perfect for storytelling! Irrespective of whether it’s a business pitch or a college thesis, PowerPoint is the best tool to deliver your story!


3.) Create A Family Tree!

Want to create a hierarchical model easily, let’s say a family tree for your folks? Well, PowerPoint can allow you to do it all that too in easy steps. You don’t need to be a seasoned designer for that. All you need to do is look up a few tutorials and you’re ready to go with your idea! I’m sure you’re already thinking about creating one for your extensive family!

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4.) Whiteboard Animation:

Yes, that’s right! Whiteboard animation can be done on PowerPoint as beautifully as on any other software or tool! You can exploit typography to your advantage as you bring alive an interplay of textual characters to deliver your story. Whiteboard animation is also pretty simple to do on Microsoft PowerPoint!

5.) Motion Paths:

Want to create an ET-esque sequence, yet don’t have the “requisite” animation skills? Well, fret not, for PowerPoint comes to your rescue! Create awesome looking motions paths using nothing but this wonder tool. PowerPoint allows you to adjust the path as you make objects swivel around eliciting nothing but a “wow” from your audience!

Try all of this on PowerPoint and you’ll know why it is revered as the most “awesome” tool, ever!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of “Not Just Presentations: Amazing Things to do with Microsoft PowerPoint  If don’t have time to design slides for your next big presentation? Visit slideloot and take home thousands of fully editable PowerPoint Presentation templates for absolutely free!

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