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Making A Logo: 8 Trends To Follow In 2022

Read 8 logo design trends to follow in 2022. Making a trending logo is essential now as it helps create a business identity. Businesses need to change and adapt, especially when it comes to their brand identity. The 2022 logo trends are sure to have what you need, no matter what kind of business you run.

Why Is Making A Logo Important For Business?

  • You can create a good impression by making a logo
  • you can prove your professionalism by making a logo
  • Also, you can build brand loyalty by making a logo

Remember that you don’t have to be a fan of the latest trends or change your logo in a big way. While making a logo, choose the design ideas connected to your brand identity.

Looking forward to what’s coming up next is one of our favourite parts of the end of the year. One of our favourite methods is to look at the logo design trends that are gaining popularity and are set to take over the scene next year.

As a result, we asked some best logo design services providers to see which logo design trends they anticipate will be popular in 2022. So below are eight logo trends you can follow in 2022 if you are making a logo:

8 Trends To Making A Logo In 2022:

1.) Retro Rubber Hose Logos:

You’ve seen images of rubber hoses. You’ve seen rubber hose animation if you’ve ever played Cuphead or Bendy, or if you’ve ever seen a cartoon from the 1920s or 1930s. And by 2022, you’ll be seeing it a lot more in logos!

Because the rubber hose looks approximately a century old, it may be returning. Maybe it’s because this design fits itself to characters, and character logos are one method for firms to appear more approachable and genuine. In any event, the rubber hose logos of 2022 are bright and colourful, in contrast to the black and white cartoons of the past.

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Designers may add brand colour palettes and make this style appear new and current by displaying these characters in colour.

2.) The 90s:

From pop culture to grunge to punk, the final decade of the twentieth century was marked by a diverse range of genres and trends. All of these subcultures had in common that they all gave a large amount of room for experimenting.

The nineties are making a successful return today, not just on the fashion runways but also in graphic design. Vibrant colours, abstract geometry, and complex patterns are all part of this movement. Use unusual font combinations, dramatic shadows, and contrasting lines if you’re designing a text-based logo. This is a fantastic design choice for companies trying to grab their audience’s attention with eye-catching experimentation.

3.) Negative Space:

Negative space is a word that refers to empty space in between or around letters, images, or other symbols. This trend isn’t new, but it shows no signs of going away. Negative space is always able to find a unique way to express itself in logos and other graphics.

To make the best use of the space between the letters or inside one of them, think about how you can use your brand’s logo. That way, you can add to your logo message without making it look too complicated. It’s also likely to get your audience’s attention, which will help them remember your brand.

4.) Experimental Fonts:

If you want to make your logo design stand out, you can’t do better than using unique fonts. When typography rules are broken, experimental fonts are a big hit with designers because they can break them. An experimental font doesn’t have to be very fancy, hard to read, or over-the-top. The most significant thing is that it looks different and interesting. The letters might be different heights, the lines might be different, the kerning might be a little off, and more.

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When you use this design technique, it’s important to keep a balance between your artistic goals and your marketing goals. In addition to being creative and unique, your logo also needs to send the right message, make people feel something, and be easy to read.

5.) Bright Colors:

When things are bad, people turn to graphic design to make them feel better. That’s why bright, bold colours are more popular now than ever before. Make your logo stand out by using bright colours. This will make your audience feel happy and excited about your business.

6.) Harmony And Balance:

Do you want to give an outdated logo a new life? Make a new colour scheme for it! Make a bold colour choice or create an altogether new colour scheme. Whatever you do, be sure your colours are appealing to your clients and that they are bringing up the good associations in their minds. Harmony and balance are essential designing principles to keep in mind while making a logo.

A proper balance of diverse design elements, such as colour, font, size, and so on, can help the logo stand out in customers’ eyes while inspiring trust and confidence in the company.

Harmony and balance will continue to be a top logo design trend in 2022 because a well-balanced logo design is more memorable and simpler to recognize.

7.) Hand-Drawn Logo:

When it comes to making logos, the most important thing to keep in mind is to come up with something that isn’t already out there.

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A custom hand-drawn logo concept is like a person’s signature in that it is truly unique and allows for the most creative freedom to show a brand’s values and personality in the best way possible.

There is no doubt that hand-drawn elements add a personal and human touch to a brand logo. For people who interact with them, these types of logos are very easy to get along with.

As more and more designers got better at drawing, they came up with some unique ideas for new logos.

The best thing about hand-drawn logos is that we can see all minor imperfections and details, making them seem more real. This is a unique and organic way of making a logo look more real.

When it comes to making a logo design conception, there is no great way to begin than with a pencil and paper. Ideas may be sketched onto paper and then digitally transformed into a hand-drawn logo design.

8.) Optic Illusion:

A logo designer must experiment with colours, shape, and perspective to produce a logo that creates an optical illusion. You can make people think and study by giving them a unique picture that makes them think and explore. They keep looking at the details until they figure out and have that “wow” moment.


Businesses, particularly when it comes to their brand identity, must evolve and adapt. No matter what sort of company you operate, the 2022 logo trends are guaranteed to contain everything you need.

Ellie SinghAbout the Author:

Ellie Singh lives in the UK and writes about logo design trends. He had also provided the best logo design services for years. Ellie enjoys playing video games, dungeons, and dragons when she is not reading or writing.

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