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Tips And The Advantages For Class 12 Hindi Through NCERT

Being a student in today’s fast-growing competitive world is not an easy task. From parents’ expectations to choosing the right career path for yourself, a normal student goes through a lot of ups and downs to reach what he/she has dreamt of. From primary school to higher secondary then college/university, the lives of the students gets divided into various phases each having their importance or you can say each phase is a ladder for another. However, if you have chosen the right path and medium you will pass each phase with flying colours and make yourself and your parents proud.

Class 12 is a very crucial and turning point in every student’s career. The marks that they score are very important. If you are aiming for a high percentage then all the subjects should be given equal importance.

Some students neglect Hindi for many reasons like they don’t give much importance, take it easy and keep it to the last minute. This Last minute study will not work out anyway. Do you think the whole year’s chapters can be prepared in a few days? It is not possible. Why should one take so much stress when it can be prepared systematically in an easy way.

Some Of The Important Tips That Can Be Followed Are As Below:

  1.  Read the chapters thoroughly.
  2. Understand the concept.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Prepare a proper study schedule.
  5. Follow the timetable table regularly.
  6. Practice writing the answers.
  7. Focus on grammar.
  8. Prepare a short note of the important topics.
  9. Revise daily.
  10. Revision should be inclusive of both reading and writing.
  11. Improve the time management skills.
  12. Analyze your speed and accuracy.
  13. Know the type of questions and try to write the answers relevantly.
  14. Rectify the mistakes.
  15. Solve the previous years’ question paper keeping track of the time.
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These are very simple tips that can be applied only for Hindi even for other subjects. You can get the details of Hindi by clicking Hindi Aroh NCERT Books Class 12.


Importance Of NCERT:

Talking about the life of a student, how can we forget the role of NCERT books, and if you are a CBSE student preparing for board exams NCERT books are considered as Bible. Likewise, we first build a strong base while constructing a house, these books provide a base for a successful career. They provide such brief and accurate information which you won’t even get in big professional books and always remember the facts mentioned in Ncerts are 100% correct. No matter which exam you are preparing for, you must go through the NCERT textbooks first.

What Is NCERT?

NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training. Founded in 1961, Ncert has made a mark in the Indian education system by introducing such quality books that are highly beneficial especially for CBSE students preparing for board exams. They are designed in such a way that covers all the fundamental aspects mentioned under the guidelines provided by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Moreover, it is a proven fact that if you only read NCERT books without referring to any other book, you will score more than 95% in the CBSE board exams. Don’t waste your time here and there searching for study material, just pick the Ncert and start preparing.

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To clear your doubts, I am mentioning some of the main benefits of Ncert books and why they are considered so much important for CBSE exams:

  1. Simple, Easy, and In-depth Knowledge: The utmost benefit of reading the Ncert books is their simple and easy language. These books are designed in such a way that offers in-depth knowledge about the topic and that too in very simple and easy-to-understand language. The speciality of these books is that the words and phrases used directly affect the minds of the students giving them a brief and well-structured knowledge about that particular topic or subject.
  2. Accurate Information: You may find it hard to believe but big professional books refer to Ncert to get accurate information about any event or any particular date. The information provided in these books is 100% authentic and you don’t need to Google the things if you are reading an NCERT book. These books are prepared under the supervision of expert teachers and professors and they are checked twice or thrice before they go for publishing.
  3. Follow CBSE norms and curriculum: One of the biggest benefits of Ncert books is that they completely follow the curriculum of CBSE. So, if you are a student and preparing for your upcoming board exam just read the Ncert without any second thought as they are completely based on the CBSE pattern and you won’t find any difficulty in reading them.
  4. Offers several problems to Solve and Practice: There is a famous saying “Practice Makes A Man Perfect” and NCERT’s are the live example of it. They offer a variety of problems, questions, quizzes at the end of every topic so that students will practice them again and again until they get 100% satisfied with their preparation.
  5. Helps in Revision and Saves time: No matter how many notes you have made, how many books you have read, if you want to hit the bullseye you need to take a revision for the Ncert’s at least once. The content of these books is so simple that you will easily memorize even reading it once. The variety of questions they offer help you to revise things very easily and for a longer period.  Apart from this, these books also save a lot of time as you get everything in one place. You don’t need to refer to any book, you don’t need to Google anything and you don’t need to waste your time making a lot of notes.
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I hope this article was helpful and it must have cleared your doubts regarding the importance of Ncert books while preparing for CBSE board exams.

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