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4 New Web Design Trends To Follow In 2021

Web design plays an important role when it comes to the promotion of a brand. According to some statistics, 94% of first impressions related to your site’s web design. This isn’t surprising. Just think about it. The website is usually the first thing a person encounters.

Web design for business is equally important regarding the industry. According to the Lasting Trend, a professionally designed attorney website helps to attain trust from potential clients, credibility, and increase the rate of conversion from traffic to contract agreements. How can you be sure that your law web design meets the standards? Consider implementing at least one of four trends:

Dark Mode:

Dark design is considered to be one of the main trends in 2021. UI developers focus on providing a possibility to enable a dark theme. This technique has two advantages:

  • Ultra-Modern Look – Dark backgrounds are what make design elements stand out even more. This creates a higher contrast ratio. Therefore, it’s likely that your website will be even more eye-catching and memorable.
  • Improved Visual Ergonomics – Dark themes reduce eye strain. What we mean is that dark colors are easy on the eyes. That’s why users may spend more time on your website.
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Imperfect Design:

Customers seek to discover the brand’s personality. The best way to do this visually is to implement authentic designs. Your website for business should tune your vibes. Imperfect design elements can help to do this.

One of the popular techniques is hand-drawn images and calligraphy. They are associated with positivity. However, don’t overdo the trend. The text must be readable, and the icons should be easy to comprehend.

The trend also involves the positioning of the elements. You don’t need to follow strict rules and can practice layered designs. A bit of mess never hurts in 2021.


Immersive 3D Elements:

3D technology is on the rise in interaction and graphic design. Those who want to learn web design implementation should neglect it. In fact, 3D has always been a pleasure for people’s eyes.

One of the main advantages is that 3D design contributes to delivering an immersive experience. It usually takes up all the screen and attracts all the attention. Some specialists claim that 3D design is what encourages people to stay longer on your website.

Minimalist Navigation:

2021 is the year of minimum text, focus on video content and easy navigation. Simplicity and minimalism is the ideal choice to facilitate navigation. One of the reasons for that is the growing popularity of wearable devices, where, in general, the web design is thinking smaller.

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Minimalist navigation leads to eliminating the difficulty in usability. In other words, a user doesn’t have to think much about how to move around your website. To make the law web design memorable, it’s better to turn to large-scale photos and videos.

The ideas will help you to improve your brand image and attract more visitors. That’s what business seeks today, doesn’t it?

Tim AbsalikovAbout the Author:

Tim Absalikov is one of the leading SEO experts in the country. He specializes in on-page optimization, link building, UI, and UX considerations, as well as keyword search. Tim is the owner of Lasting Trend agency. He has worked with leading companies from many industries.

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