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5 Creative Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Guides

At present, Instagram has come up with some new features and it has turned into one of the trendiest social networking sites. Instagram Guide is one of the brand new features launched, and business brands can use it in many creative ways.

The best trait of Instagram Guide is its interactive nature. You can easily address your followers while posting Guides regarding any random matter. If you are about to launch a small brand, Instagram marketing is one of the best things you can do.

Here, you would be able to get some creative ideas on using the Instagram Guides. However, first, you need to know what an Instagram Guide means.

Instagram Guide: Definition:

Instagram Guide is a special type of post that looks more like a blog. The viewers can enjoy the continuity of the post besides acquiring the necessary knowledge. There are certain lead formats that you need to keep in mind while making the guideposts. The there guide formats are:

  • Posts
  • Places
  • Products

When Instagram launched the Guide feature for the first time, it was only accessible to users’ time mass related to the wellness and health field. Although, currently, it is available for everyone.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Guide Creatively:

The ways to use Instagram Guide creatively are given here in detail. You can follow every approach and get a chance to attract a lot of followers.

1.) Providing Tips And Guides:

Instagram Guides can be used so that a follower can get tips about a certain thing. If you are the owner of a brand, Instagram Guide can be the best to post about a product you deal with and the procedure of using it.

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This can automatically increase sales chances, and you can expect to get a favorable number of leads from Instagram. Generally, the follower who once starts with an Instagram Guide post cannot leave it as it drags him/her into an algorithm.

This way, you can impose the relevance of a particular product into the follower’s mind. Expect your brand to improve in the market as you can manipulate people. While you post content o Instagram in the form of an Instagram  Guide, always consider yourself as a preacher and avoid doing any direct promotion.

Furthermore, as the Instagram Guide comes up with a collective of pre-published posts, you can expect the reach of your Instagram profile to boost up.

2.) Product Highlighting:

If you are a business person and have a  brand profile on Instagram, you can use the Instagram Guide feature for product highlights. A single Guide post can be enough for you to show several products and write about them as the followers can understand them easily.

You can segment the products while publishing them on the Instagram profile. The best you can do is to emphasize the products that can clear your inventories. It can be a measure to manipulate followers to purchase such products.

Moreover, you can add the eCommerce links on Your Instagram page as the customers can purchase the items with ease. No matter which type of products you deal with, just make sure that the photographs are clear and the wri9te up is engaging. These two pillars are always vital for attracting potential customers on Instagram and all other social networking sites.

After you have published an Instagram Guide with product highlighting, track it as the outcomes can help you make business decisions.


3.) Travel Guide

Instagram Guide can help you a lot in case of uploading information related to traveling. Here are the elements that you can add to your travel-related Instagram Guide:

  • Information about the location: All information about a location can come in one Instagram Guide.
  • Inspiration for traveling: Instagram Guide can contain motivational quotes either in the written format or image format, making the follower (viewer) make up the mind to go out for a tour.
  • Destination: You can make an Instagram Guide on a particular goal. Make sure there are several photos of one specific point or different places based on the same sites. No Instagram Guide should be made with random places as the followers might not grasp the post properly.
  • Cuisines: You can also make an Instagram Guide informing the people about the different cuisines and dishes they must try while visiting a particular place. You can also talk about their origins and how they have evolved.
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So, these are how you can enjoy the benefits of the Instagram Guide creatively on having a business related to travel.

4.) Gift Related Guide:

If you are starting a gift brand, there are certain things you can ensure doing on Instagram Guide. A gifting brand is one that deals with different gift items. While running such a brand, you need to make sure that your hat you have unique items in your stock that can act as outstanding gift items.

You can make Instagram Guides on the following:

  • Proper Gift Items: An Instagram Guide on gift items can help people to understand which gift to take on what types of occasions.
  • Gift wraps: The Instagram Guide can be the best way to make the followers learn the unique gift wrapping technique. The best you can do is make small video clips and add them to the guidepost.
  • The idea of budget gifts: On your Instagram Guides, you can provide ideas about budget gifts. You can even post the pictures and write the procedure for finding the budget gifts.
  • Making home-made gifts: A Gude on Instagram on the procedure of making home-made gifts can boost up the level of visits on your profile and make your brand more recognizable among the mass. All you need to do is to create original content.
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5.) Summaries:

Instagram Guides can be used to make summaries about different things. The best you can do on a brand profile is to summarise your experience of the service and business and post it accordingly.

However, you need to remember not to post Guides in the form of summaries frequently. The best you can do is is post a couple of summaries for your brand on a half-yearly or yearly basis.

Too many Instagram Guides might be problematic for you as it can diminish the post’s reach and ruin the position of your brand’s online presence.

Final Words:

Launching a brand or running a business on Instagram is an easy job, but you need to know the right tactics for it. As a brand owner on Instagram, you should frequently use the Instagram Guides and all other latest features added by the authority.

Using the Guides creatively, you can not only attract followers but expand your networking a lot. Online networking can help your business to thrive and help more people to know about your beliefs. However, you need to be devoted and wait for a few months as your profile’s reach improves.

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