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Building A Referral Network For Your Business – Infographics

New digital platforms – especially social media sites – have made it possible for small and medium-scale businesses to reach hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers on the Internet easier and more efficiently.

Before this, businesses had to deal with the inevitable restrictions that came with traditional means: location, time and space just to name a few. Nowadays, even when businesses are confined physically to a certain area, their reach and presence can still go far and wide in order to show and sell their products to a much bigger part of their niche. For example, an online clothing store based in Seattle can reach as far as Florida in the event that it is needed.

Aside from this, social media posts are timeless. In the digital age, it doesn’t matter when a post was made as it can still be tracked by audiences even years after the post has been made. A video uploaded in 2010 can still be watched by anyone in 2017 as long as they have access to it. Facebook posts can be scrolled as far back as the first one made by the user in whichever year they joined the social media site.

Social media is also a business’ 24/7 hotline for its customers and vice versa. A profile is open 24/7 unlike a business phone or a meeting that is restricted by a set schedule, and messages can be sent, received, and replied to at any point in time. And unlike phone calls, your inbox is a great way of keeping record of the conversation you had for future reference.

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It’s also one of the easiest ways for you to build your referral network nowadays. A referral network – defined as “a group of business owners and professionals who try to promote each other – either through word of mouth and referrals – to gain more sales and leads.” – is a strategy that is sought for its ability to add value to your business and customers.

In this infographic, Business Coaches Sidney details some key useful tips and tricks to help you build a successful referral network for your business and help it grow.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Business Coaches Sydney.

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