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5 Tactics To Get Great Customer Reviews

Ecommerce has taken businesses to a new height in the digital era and the competition has also increased at the same time. Business owners are putting continuous efforts to find new business strategies to make a striking difference, and you will find plenty of suggestions online.

Recent reports have revealed that customer reviews play a crucial role in digital marketing and genuine reviews such as Supple Reviews can help business to attract more customers and increase business growth as a result. Since reviews are important, business owners are now looking for effective strategies to get more reviews from the customers, and if you are also looking for the same, here is an article on the same.

1.) Make It Simple:

If you have an online business and you are looking for a potential customer to review your business, it is advised to keep things simple. At first, it is necessary to claim the business before acquiring reviews from the visitors.

Once you have claimed the business, you can start asking for reviews from the customers. Since reviews are crucial for digital marketing, you can ask them to leave their feedback and if they agree, you can have a review. Try to ask more people to leave a review and that will be helpful for you.

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2.) Rewarding:

As a business owner, your priority is to get some reviews, and for this all you must do is draw peoples’ attention towards your service or product. The word ‘free’ seems to be especially useful and attractive in the world of digital marketing and we suggest you draw attention of potential customers by offering free rewards or free credit points for the audience.

These tactics are amazingly effective, and you will surely find some people to write a genuine review for the free points/credit. You can also opt for a customer loyalty programme where buyers will get some points that can be redeemed later, and such tricks are being followed everywhere.


3.) Follow Up Mail:

Several reports have revealed that follow up email sometimes work very effectively in digital marketing and if you are looking for some of the best tricks to acquire reviews for your business, you can send follow up email individually.

Asking the customers in a personalized tone sometimes helps to acquire good reviews, and one should not miss such an opportunity. You should not delay sending the follow-up email, and it is advised to send the mail on the same day of purchase.

4.) Find Out The Best Platform:

There are different platforms for online presence of the business, and as a business owner you must have found one of the most relevant platforms, which is trusted by the visitors.

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Acquiring reviews on a platform where traffic is low is not going to be of great help for business owners. Hence, they need to focus on those platforms that are being universally used by customers, and people often post their reviews over there.

While consumer companies are more likely to focus on retails sites like Amazon, professional service providers may opt for platforms like Angie’s List to make digital marketing successful. We suggest you consider Facebook and Google reviews as well since these are highly trusted in recent years.

5.) Paid Reviews:

Although some people may think that paid reviews are fake reviews; there is an emerging trend where business owners send reviewers a sample product in exchange for a genuine review, and this tactic works well.

Amazon has recently launched a similar programme; you can search for it to get more information regarding the programme.

These five tips can be described as the most effective tips to acquire reviews from the customers. We hope readers will love it. There is no doubt that digital marketing has taken businesses to a new height in the recent years, and by choosing the right strategy for businesses, anyone can make a difference.

Mukesh PrajapatiAbout the Author:Mukesh Prajapati – A Digital Marketer and marketing strategist who works with Supple, a top Digital marketing and website designing agency in Australia. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & internet marketing.

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