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How Can You Re-Born In 2017? A Business Thought

How will you reborn in 2017 after exceeding all failures of 2016? Today I will discuss about the changes you will need in your life to reborn. You need to purify yourself to make this world nice and clean.

”I want to reborn again in my mother’s womb, I would to be pure and nice, my mother would be proud of me.”

After saying this, I start to think that it is not possible. We born once. So, if I want to reborn, I need to change my inner side. I need to purify myself and make me better. I can make my mother proud of me in this birth. I haven’t come to this world to fail. Everything of the nature wants to see me as a winner. I have kept myself as defeated.

Think that you were captive in an old building and the building is 2016. After accepting all the restrictions of 2016, create a new you in 2017. Your hand was scared in 2016. You hadn’t strength in your muscle, still you have walked the path of 2016 with a broken heart. Why are you thinking that you have failed? If you are still fighting, then you haven’t failed yet. The proof is you are still alive. You need to change only a few things in your life. There is a very small difference between failure and success. You are still reading this article because you want to remove the difference now. This intention will give you a new birth.

You Have To Take Responsibility Of Your Own Failure:

Whenever you will accept your failure, you will achieve the power to cross the failure and become successful. Be brave and live a courageous life. Everyone will find out the light of success in you but this path won’t be easy. You need to build yourself, only then the success will be yours.

You Have Passed A Tough Time:

2016 was a difficult time. You didn’t know or understand many things. You spent your time wrongly. Your past was wrapped with failure and that’s why you were afraid of new dream. You couldn’t desire a good and fresh start. You have lost your faith in your own talent.

New Vision:

Think about the light of the sun you are getting, which are coming to you after crossing a long distance. You can see the world. You need to think about yourself first. The resources creator has given you free. Give importance to every breath. Introduce your own talent to the world, which is hidden inside you. Don’t think that you don’t deserve much. You have kept your deserved things away from you. This is the time to begin with the things you have. Believe it or not you have much more than two-thirds people of the world. Do you know the value of your beautiful eyes? Do you know how valuable your head is? You are lucky. I am freely saying that you are lucky. Can you walk? If you can, then you are a phenomenal museum.

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Give Your Full Attention To Yourself:

What do you want to achieve in 2017? You need to decide it for yourself. Set your target according to your realities that how far can you go in one year. Make some rule and working system for you. 2017 will be a successful year for you, if you can do these works. Don’t think in any situation that you have failed. You are successful. You are born to be successful. Write down your rules and working system on a paper. Read the paper once a day. Think about how much far you are away from achieving your target. Think about how much you are going forward every day.

Make Yourself Ready To Take Every Challenges Of 2017:

What challenges can come to your working way? What are the adversities which may occur? What will be your role in any circumstances that should be decided beforehand. Think about the circumstances, where you have to keep yourself silent and where you have to promote yourself like a hero. Sometimes you will need someone to help you in danger. Sometimes you should help someone in their bad situation. You can only be successful, when other peoples will be enlightened with the light of yourself.

Be Impressed Everyday Watching Yourself In The Mirror:

If you don’t like yourself, then why anyone else will? Self-criticism is a good thing. Thank yourself for your good work. Don’t think that only you hope to get something from others. Remember, your inner person also wants something from you. Thank your inner person every day. Thank your own hand. Your hands were next to yourself at the point of your needs. When you fell on the ground, your hands helped you to stand on the ground. You’re alive because every organ of your body has helped you. It’s not only your wish but also every part of your body which has helped you to be you. You have taken help from them. Therefore, see yourself in the mirror. See every cell of your body. Be grateful to them. Love them.

You Decide Your Surroundings:

How do you want to keep your relationship status? How far do you want to take your financial status? What kind of car do you prefer? What kind of partner do you want as your lover? Besides, how much can you sacrifice yourself for others. How many people smile every day because of you? In which environment do you want to live in? Which bird will wake you up? Which river will teach you to go forward? How the sky will bring rain to you? Imagine that you’re in the environment which you like. Have you gone to see the river beside your town? Did you hear what it said? Can you hear the road, when you walk? The stone that is standing in the middle of the street, does it say you to move it? Did you pay attention to them? Pay attention around you.

Increase The Power Of Your Imagination:

Imagine a winter night and a summer day. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of a plane going over your city. Listen how the sound becoming lower slowly. Touch rain water. Suppose you are in a sinking ship. Everyone is running but you are calm. You are showing them the way. You are introducing two people, one of them know how to swim and the other don’t or if there is coming any creative idea in your mind, then let it come. Then, the way to cope with adverse circumstances can come out from inside of yourself. There is no need to sink a ship but because of your imagination you will be the captain to face small or big problems of your life. You have to give birth the innovative strength inside you. This imagination will open your eyes to look upon the little possibilities around you.

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You Are Eligible Too:

You deserve love. You are able to love. You are worthy of glory. You are able to forgive and you deserve to be forgiven. Sow the seeds of qualifications inside you. One day it will be a banyan tree. One day your enemy will take shelter under the banyan tree.

Bring Changes In Your Own Behavior:

Learn to thank others. Always look for an opportunity to thank others. Why do you love or like anyone? tell them. Then you will see that they are caring you differently. It’s hard but talk gently with your enemy. I heard a story of a mother who forgave her husband’s killer. Nothing is better than this greatness. Forgiveness is a great courage.

Take Part In Every Ceremony:

Birthday party, wedding anniversary, party with friends! Take part in the ceremony. Be social. Make friendly relation with others easily. Do not bring laziness in any ceremony. Bring freshness with you. Do not let the dark touch your youth. By taking part in these programs, you can get a lot of job opportunities. You can be identified with someone who can help you to get success in your business or work. Do not hide yourself. Express yourself well.

Give Shelter To Others:

If you can give shelter to a person, then you are great.

Come Back To The House Before It’s Too Late:

Suppose no one is waiting for you, believe me that your bed room is waiting for you. Your favorite shower, the trees next to your house are looking for you. Come back home, talk with your relatives. At least come back home to gain the experience of the love of your family.

You’re Alive:

Thank God after waking from sleep. Feel the joy of being alive. You can start the day with the celebration that you’re alive. If you’re married, then hug your life partner and plan some surprises. Tell how much you love your partner. If your partner is far away, then imagine that your partner is beside you. Feel your partner’s warmth. Feel your partner’s breathe. Call your partner. Thank your partner. God has given you the opportunity once more. Bring the joy of living from inside you. If you are single, then think a couple of minutes about your partner. Walk along the shore barefooted with your partner in your imagination. Take the smell of the soil. You’re alive. So, plan now for the new day. With whom will you meet today? Was there any promise for today? Whose birthday is today?  Whom will you wish today? Which friend will you contact today? Which work you must do today? Where will you apply for your job? Which new work will you do in the office today? Think about it. You are still alive.

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Do Not Waste Time:

What people are saying about you or will say about you or you cannot do any work. Don’t waste your time worrying about these unnecessary things. Everyone can forgive you but time won’t. Time won’t come back to you.

Live Today:

Past is past and you don’t know anything about the future, so live with the present. Tell yourself all the time that you want to live with the present. This will increase the importance of present to you. You can become more active in your works.
Tell yourself that you are happy – Tell yourself all the time that you are happy. Make yourself a happy person. Make others happy with your presence. No one spend time with a disturbed person without any need.

You Can:

There are a lot of work you have done in the past, when others gave up easily. Think about them. Grow your own faith. You also can. Never give up. Delete the word defeat from your mind. In fact, there is nothing like defeat. Every failure implies something more. You must win. Tell yourself all the time that you can.

In 2017, be powerful like the sun. Let your light illuminate your surroundings. Truly, the world is in need of people like you. That’s why, still the nature has kept you safe from its danger. Be like the moon. Others will be like fireflies who will be happy in the presence of yourself. Become the trust of your beloved, when your beloved will scream your name while dreaming. Be an example for your child. Do something so that your child can say proudly about your honesty. However, take responsibility in 2017. Make 2017 your year of love, year of forgiveness, year of going ahead, year of success. You have to give yourself a new birth. You must change yourself from inside. Respect and love others. Smile and live like a hero. The more you become good, the more you become humble. Learn to take criticize from others. Find other people’s good qualities. Every human being deserves love.

I am taking your leave with your blessings. Pray for me. I hope that everyone will reborn in 2017.

Arifuzzaman ArifAbout the Author:

I am Arifuzzaman Arif. I am doing B.Sc. in Mathematics. My hobby is Blogging and SEO. I want to learn a lot and I want to spread my knowledge through EXE Ideas. I also practice my blogging and SEO skill in Freelancing Technology Tips.

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