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Are You Risking Yourself From UV Radiation While Driving? – Infographics

Drivers and commuters might think that they’re safe from the heat of the sun while inside their cars, but such may not be the case. Experts have already stated that one is at risk of receiving the harmful effects of UV radiation even when enjoying the comforts of a vehicle.
People are at risk of contracting skin cancer even if they haven’t spent considerable amounts of time outdoors as long as they were exposed to sunlight for even at least one hour while inside a car.

Drivers have a lower risk of getting exposed to UV light since their windshields can provide excellent protection against them, but when the light passes through the side windows, then the driver is at risk. A car’s side windows can’t protect people from the UV rays, resulting in them being at greater risk of contracting skin cancer and cataracts.

Since most commuters are far from a car’s windshields, they are at greater risk of receiving UV radiation since the protection they offer is inconsistent. There are variations of UV radiation that one can receive called UV-A that can cause skin damages.

The risks with UV radiation are cumulative, and the skin diseases’ symptoms will likely show up one or two days after the initial exposure to UV. People might not think much of getting exposed to UV rays as they believe they’re not threatening to the skin, when in fact they can get the most common type of cancer in the UK through it, skin cancer.

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One solution that can keep both drivers and their commuters safe from UV radiation is by tinting their car windows to increase the protection provided by both windshields and side windows. Some window tint films can filter out 80% of the sun’s UV rays, and some specialized window tints can even block up to 99% of the UV rays. For more information on the risks from UV radiation and how window tints can minimize them, see this infographic by Global Tint.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Global Tint

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