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Checkout 15 Success Factors For An ECommerce Website – Infograph

A web marketer understands how payments could be the linchpins to the success of your ecommerce endeavor. It is important that checkout processes are made as intuitive and easy as possible. However, there are still many companies that have failed to establish an efficient process. These inefficiencies in turn have been conversion killers. For both established brands and startups, the failure of these businesses should stand as an example of why the check out process needs to reflect your brand identity.

Enclosing The Checkout:

The only thing that the customer should be able to see is the descriptions of the products added to the cart, the delivery details, the return policies, the payment amount, the customer desk numbers and the security policies.

A Clear Cut Process:

Modern customers want to remain informed. Consequently, a checkout process should be designed in such a way that helps the customer understand how far he is from the final payment /ordering. A process bar is the most common tool used by the retailers today.

Navigation During Checkout:

Customers should be able to review their cart, review/edit the delivery details and navigate back and forth in the checkout window without losing any information. Adding products to a cart a second time is to be strictly avoided.

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Consistent Summary At Each Step:

Every step that the customer completed during a checkout process needs to be shown in the later phases as well. This enables the customer’s easy review and editing. This should include product details, images (thumbnails), quantity, price (before and after discounts, shipping charges, etc) and similar data.

Avoiding Loss Of Information:

As already said, it is less likely that a customer would like to add back information. So every step needs to be automatically saved.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Syncline.

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