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5 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Account In Just One Day

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again– social media management requires a lot of time and hard work. Luckily for those who aren’t blessed with enough workforce and time, there are still a handful of ways to optimize your social media account in less than a day. By doing some of these quick optimization techniques, you can increase your social network traffic and customer conversion by the hundreds and even thousands.

Social networking platforms are strong catalysts for driving traffic to your website, strengthening your online presence. As a company seeking to grow through these platforms, you want to be as efficient as possible in your digital marketing strategies. Here are 5 surefire ways to get your social media account rolling in under 24 hours.

1.) Get Viral:

In the digital age, you can really go a long way with viral content. It’s not enough that you create informative and meaningful content. To get more shares and promote engagement, your content must tap on the heartstrings of people, get your audience to be more interested in what you do as a brand. Anyone can be famous on the internet, much like any company has a shot at making it big. Sometimes, all it takes is one post that’s worthy of shares and audience engagement. In fact, it’s pretty much every digital marketer’s dream to have thousands viewing their campaigns.

One way to get viral is to include humor and memes into your content. Considered as the language of the internet, memes have really evolved in the consciousness of people. Striking hilarity and other emotions one picture at a time, memes can really elevate your digital marketing efforts in leading online platforms. Knowing how to incorporate these images into your content can help add a bit of personality to your brand.

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Another way to amplify your content’s share-worthy status is to create stunning visuals. Let’s face it; most people would rather take in information from a visually-stunning infographic than a long article of facts and figures. With the fast-paced nature of the digital age, it has also become an era of low attention spans. By producing aesthetically pleasing visuals and multimedia, you’re successfully grabbing people’s attention and encouraging them to engage and tune into your future posts.

2.) Establish A Good Bio:

What’s a proper company social media account without a good bio? What exactly does a good company bio entail? First of all, it is worth noting that bio requirements vary from platform to platform. Most of these only give you a few characters to work with while some allot special pages for a more thorough company description. In this case, you have to be: (1) straight to the point, (2) original, (3) believable, and (4) true to your company’s nature. Your short bio doesn’t have to give everything away, but it should make people want to know more about you.

Short bios are also perfect for taglines, so if your brand already has one, you’re pretty much all set. Taglines represent the nature and personality of the company. It offers both meaning and personality, wrapped in a short sentence. Sometimes, this is all you need for short bios of limited characters.

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Meanwhile, try not to over-spill what your brand is all about. Leave something for the imagination. Fill in only the most important details of your brand if there is ample space for you to do so. Such is the case for your Facebook About Page. Of course, you can’t stuff as many details on your Twitter or Instagram bios.


3.) Enhance Your SEO:

Social media platforms can already give you a lot of customer conversion an online traffic, but why stop there? Think about the millions of people looking for specific things via search engines. Can you imagine the amount of traffic you’ll get on your website and your various social networking accounts if you were to incorporate proper SEO practices? SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing. It generates more leads and sales, amplifies one’s online presence, and establish your brand’s credibility– all while increasing traffic.

4.) Provide Effective Call-To-Actions:

An effective call-to-action is enough to convert a lurking audience. If you’re striving for website traffic using social media platforms, you must have high regard for call-to-actions. Facebook offers brands this option. You can either put up a Sign-Up or Contact Us button to make it easier for your visitors to reach you and access your website. You can also incorporate call-to-actions into your content and marketing campaigns.

Setting up contests or promos is a good way to increase your platform and website traffic. By including certain call-to-actions in your list of mechanics, you can boost your online presence and generate leads from an actively engaging audience. This allows for more customer conversion and income.

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5.) Invest In Paid Ads:

Serious marketing strategies require serious steps. Case in point would be paid ads. By paying the platform, your posts could show up in targeted news feeds, generating more leads and traffic. The great thing about paid ads is that it only gives people the chance to engage with your brand by scattering your posts across news feeds. In the end, it’s still up to the person if she wants to like and follow your brand’s profile. So trust that the engagement you get once the paid ads are circulated is 100% authentic.

The beauty of paid ads is not when the targeted audience hit the like button. It occurs when they spread it across their respective networks, setting the wheels of organic traffic in motion.


Several companies and brands are trying to make a name for themselves using social networking platforms so that you can expect that the competition is really tough. To reign in your digital marketing efforts, social media account optimization is definitely a must. It’s perfectly normal to be overwhelmed by these processes at first, but trust that devoting a few hours to get some, if not all of these tips done will surely pay off.

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