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Read About The Hidden Features Of The iOS9 That You Didn’t Know

Apple has revealed many big features coming to iOS 9 later when it is going to be available. There are many easy multitasking features for the iPad and many new app upgrade and among them is the much awaited intelligent Siri. The apple fans are quite excited over the new awesome features and exciting capabilities, but there were a number of addition to the features which the Apple haven’t discussed until now.

Let’s have a look at those unknown features of iOS9 which has been highlighted with detail to it as below as per found in the first beta.

1.) Podcast:

The podcast app by Apple has received its own redesign in the iOS9. The podcast is also equipped with some fresh paint along with the same Mini Player which is a very good touch. You can view all the podcasts that you haven’t listened to yet with the help of an additional play button.

2.) Ring/vibrate Switch:

In the iOS 9, users will be now able to mute when toggling the ring switch or vibrate switch and will also be able to go between the lock. This is a much faster way to toggle the settings which can be helpful in unlocking the screen rotation when a video is being played in the landscape than watching it in the portrait.

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3.) The Intelligent Siri:

You must be already familiar about the Siri and what all it is capable of in the iOS 9. But it is difficult to know this feature unless we try it out. The phone will be ready to hear your query when you activate the personal assistant. It will start vibrating when it is ready to be used.

4.) Photos:

There are many different shooting modes for the video that you can choose from. You can shoot video of 720p at 30fps, 1080p at 30fps or even 1080p at 60fps.

5.) iCloud Drive:

The iCloud Drive was in use since the iOS 8 but you will have a greater access to the features of it in the iOS9. You can toggle a setting which will enable you to access the iCloud Drive app with the help of which you can see all the files that you stored through the service. You move the files, delete and do many more as they will automatically sync across the different gadgets.

6.) Toggle Flash:

You can switch the flash on or off while recording a video. Earlier you were able to do so in any device only before starting the video or after ending the video recording. It might not sound too great but it will surely give more flexibility to record which will let them change on the go than having to wait for the end or being confused in the beginning.

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7.) Pictures For Messages:

There will be a display contact pictures with the messages in addition to the name for the iPhone 6. This is available in the iPhone 6 right now but will be switched on to functioning only after a year.

8.) Settings:

There is a search bar in the settings that will let you find the settings you are looking for more quickly. This will be more comfortable as you won’t have to scroll down to look for the function you are looking for making it easier and time saving.

9.) Notification Center:

You can see the amount of battery remaining from the notification center in the iOS 9 and if you also have an apple watch you can also check the battery notification for that too.

10.) San Francisco:

The San Francisco is a font that is designed by Apple for the apple watch which is default for the iOS 9. This shows that they are taking the need of typing seriously.

This is all that were totally new about the iOS 9 beta which probably you were unaware about. But it is possible that there is much more in the iOS 9 which went undiscovered. We will continue to investigate through more updates of iOS once the newer betas get released as well latest updates of the android.

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