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How To Encode/Decode Or Encrypt/Decrypt JavaScript Code?

First let me tell you that if you’re a programmer or possibly a web custom who like to design new templates or maybe widgets or maybe whatever and if you’re a programmer who signal in JavaScript then you should read this short article because it will help you to encrypt your own HTML and JavaScript code to ensure that no one is able to edit the idea.

As I will be also the programmer and I do not really like to notice my signal edited by other f**king novice programmers thus that’s why It’s my job to encrypt my code specially HTML and JavaScript because you may already know there’ no requirement to encrypt PHP signal as this is a server-side scripting dialect means we are able to not begin to see the PHP signal of virtually any website with no hacking the actual hosting server: S

How To Protect Your JavaScript Code?

Now the actual question is tips on how to protect JavaScript signal, you will find many HTML encrypting equipment online at no cost but regarding JavaScript When i searched about Google and found something which rocks! and is effective really rapid plus without problem. So this can be a links to help JavaScript encrypting equipment there you will observe two boxes as in HTML encrypter in the first pack paste your own JS signal including labels and press Encrypt button to have the encrypted code in the second wording box at this point save the actual encrypted code like a JS report like script. js after which include this file in a HTML doc using point. Again first you should definitely save your own real (unencrypted) code in your computer in the event of virtually any damage.

What Is Javascript Obfuscator?

Javascript Obfuscator converts the JavaScript source code into obfuscated and completely unreadable form, preventing it from analyzing and theft. It’s a 100% safe JavaScript minifier and the best JavaScript compressor.

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So its time to secure your written JavaScript codes from copier and make yourself unique in the world of coding and designing.

Last Words:

This is what we have and shared in easy steps for newbies so that they can easily know how it works. Stay with us because we are going to share a whole guide step by step about Coding and make it easy for you. If you liked it then share it and be with us to get next tutorial. If you have any problem then feel free to ask us. We will help you with what we can or have.

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