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CoolStyle: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template

CoolStyle: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template

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As the demand of this era, everyone is looking for an awesome template that should be responsive because now visitors are not limited to desktops on. They are using too much handheld devices to visit and browse internet and your blog so its time to be responsive and help other. As you know that “Content Is King” and then it’s comes “SEO” that everyone did very well but when it’s comes to this ;and final point that is a design, A responsive design, there are a less percentage who full fill this and without this the loose there everything even they have clearing first two requirements. So for this purpose they start searching there and where and they still failed to find the perfect one and if they it’s PREMIUM that most of them can affords. So for those here we are with all the latest requirements for free.

After our some previous templates like Pre-Black-A Free Pro-Blogger Template and Gray-Mania: A Free Pro-Blogger Template that is liked by our fans, now here is our third free professional responsive blogger template in list style is out. We named it “Cool-Style” due to it’s colour shades. It’s adapted from a WordPress template and after many changes and adding features upto date it’s now for Blogger. It’s best for all type of category but we recommend it for tech, blogging or business related sites. As most of other share the colour combination, fonts design We are different as you can see in the live DEMO due to a lot of features and codes.

If we talk about SEO in this template then it’s our first priority to do it in a better way and that we achieved successfully. In this template all the SEO techniques are active and those are also white hat like dynamic title tag and also dynamic description tag through which your SE result will be awesome and according to your content and keyword, In short according to your desire. Like other we did all headings tags perfectly awesome for both like users and SE. A custom 404 page added that will keep the anger out of your visitor mind. We also enabled Breadcrumb on this template.

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In SMO, we added a simple but effective official social media button set with counters that will leaved a good impression on your next visitor. We have the top 4 most used social network official button and also a “ShareThis” button that contain the rest of all social networks button. We also enabled automatic HTML post link code generator that will help your visitor to copy the HTML code vis one click only to use it anywhere from that you can get a natural backlink. We added OpenGraphTags for Facebook and also Latest released Twitter Card Tags too to help you in social media.

If we talk about template design then This template has 3 columns and 3 multi tabs in right fixed after scroll sidebar and an awesome in footer, sidebar ready to put your widgets. a default social network widget added with also ads enabled spaces available. This is the most simplest template ever. The background is all white  with blue colours on it. It is suitable for everything that you want to use it. Recommended for tech or business blog. Cool-Style template has by default pages on menu, but also you can add and custom links, since blogger support it. There are also other hot features of this template that we are sharing in list below.


The Reason Why This Template Is Different From Any Template Available On-line Is Due To The Ton’s Of Awesome And Unimaginable Features. Given Below Are Some Of Them And Rest Will Be Noticeable When You Will Use It By Getting Your Visitor Response And Your Ranking On Internet:-)

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. SEO First, Design Second.
  2. Fully Optimized.
  3. Dynamic Meta Description Tags Installed.
  4. Optimized Title Tag Added.
  5. The Clean HTML Structure For User As Well As SE.
  6. Headings Tags Optimized.
  7. Labels, Comments, Archive Links And Archive Pages Optimized As SE Wants.
  8. Quick To Load.
  9. Single J-Query File.
  10. Blogger Official CSS Is Removed To Load It Quick.
  11. Custom 404 Error Page Added.
  12. Easy To Read By Top All SE.
  13. Breadcrumb Code Added For SEO.
  14. WebSafe Font Used To Load Quick.
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Social Media Optimization:

  1. Social Sharing Widget Added For SMO.
  2. Sharing Widget Picks The Right Image And Post Description.
  3. Top Social Network Button Added With ShareThis Also.
  4. Social Sites And E-Mail Subscription Widget Also Added.
  5. Direct RSS Includes Multi Subscribing Options For RSS.
  6. Automatic HTML Post Link Code Generator Added.
  7. Facebook Open Graph Tags Added.
  8. Twitter Card Tags Are Also Added.

Template Type:

  1. Automatic List Style Enabled.
  2. Unlimited Scrolling Code Added.
  3. 3-Columns.
  4. Announcement Bar Added To Keep Your Visitor Uptodate.
  5. Right SideBar For Widgets
  6. Left Sidebar For Your Data.
  7. Square Corners.
  8. Ads Ready.
  9. Social Bookmarking Icons Added.
  10. Auto ReadMore And Post Thumbnail Added.
  11. CSS Multi Drop-Down Cross Browser Menu.
  12. Adapted From WordPress.
  13. Suitable For Text Topic Blogs.
  14. White And Blue Colour Style.
  15. Custom 404 Error Page Styled.
  16. Stylish Simple Background.
  17. Slightly Added CSS3.
  18. Multi Tab SideBar Widgets Added.
  19. Simple But Attractive Social Widget.
  20. Feedburner EMail Subscription Custom Widget Designed And Added.
  21. Sidebar Fixed On Top After Scrolling Down.
  22. Random Post With Thumbnail Widget Added With Full Features.
  23. Latest/Recent Post With Big Thumbnail Attractive Widget Added.
  24. Awesome Attractive Footer Design With Links Space.
  25. Breadcrumb Code Added.
  26. Post Date And Comment Count Under Post Title Added.
  27. Pages Are Full Width Without Sidebar.
  28. Professional Look In Design.

User Interface:

  1. Template Is Designed To Reduce Bounce Rates And Increase PageViews.
  2. Perfectly Compatible With All Major Browsers Including Fucking IE.
  3. Some Codes Are Not Supported By IE. 🙁
  4. Standard Hexadecimal Colours And Web Friendly Fonts.
  5. White Color, No Dark Or Eye Burning Colours.
  6. Extra Widgets Can Be Added In Main And Sidebar Section Only.
  7. A Friendly Q-Value Search Box Added At Top.
  8. Author Bio Under Every Post Added.
  9. Multi Drop-Down X-Browser CSS Menu Add.
  10. Lot Of Extra Features Too.
  11. Grid Style Thumbnail Related Post Widget Added.
  12. Responsive Interference With Accepting Mobile Platform.
  13. Awesome Comment DIV To Attract Visitor To Comment.
  14. Comment Message From Post Bug Fixed.
  15. Quick Edit Wrench And Pencil Added.
  16. Blogger Custom Mobile Template Is Also Designed.
  17. CommentLuv Style Comment Box Designed.
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Fully Responsive:

We As You Know That In This Era Of Designing, Everyone Is Looking For Responsive Template Because Now Not All Of Our Visitors Are Opening Our Blog On Desktop. Many Of Them Are Using Tablets, WideScreen, iPads, iPhones, Android So If We Display Same Template To All One Then It Will Be Quite Hard To Open Our Blog In Handheld Devices Quickly. So We Have To Make Us Responsive. We Made This Template Responsive In iPhone Portrait (320px x 480px), iPhone Landscape (480px x 320px), Nexus Portrait (603px x 966px), iPad Portrait (768px x 1024px), iPad Landscape (1024px x 768px), Macbook Air (1366px x 768px) etc…

Widgets & Plugins:

We Have A Variety Of Widgets And Plugin In Our DataBase And All Are Free, Just Walk-through Our Blog And Get Your Desire.


It’s Easy To Customize That You Have To Edit Only Header Menu Links, Sidebar Social Links, Author Box And Footers Links, Author Image And Ads Spaces Only. If You Have Any Problem While Customizing Or Anything Else, Just Contact Us Freely. We Will Surely Help You.


We Are Providing Tips And Tricks With Codes And Widget Free Of Penny Since July 2010 And We Are Very Thankful To You To Be With Us. We Always Have A Free Side Of Our Every Work Because We Want To Provide Our Data Everywhere. We Get Active Via DMCA When Somebody Copy Or Content And Re Share It With There Name And Without Our Credits Then Take It Down That We Did With Many One. 😛

For Those Who Really Respect And Are Humble, This Template Is Free For You. We Expect That Our Link At Footer May Remain Intact. If You Want To Remove It Then Please Upgrade To Premium Version.

Upgrade To Premium Version:

Our Free Resources Comes With Copyrights Restrictions But We Also Have These Collection In Premium Mode That Are Shared With Clients Alone. If You Wish To Order This Template Without Copyright Text Or Want To Buy Copyright, Then Please Contact Us Via Contact Us Page. Invoice Details Will Be Shared Via E-Mail Only.

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26 Responses to “CoolStyle: A Free Premium Responsive Blogger Template”

  1. Utkarsh Singh says:

    Thank you very much Hassan and B4B………You are the true and kind sharer :D.keep it up..I will comment my review about it after applying it to my blog..

    Good Nice Template 🙂 😀

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here Again. Thanks For Liking It And We Are Waiting To See It Live On your Blog. We Added All Features That We Are Using And All The Codes That We Used In This Is Also Shared In This Blog Previously Too. Waiting To See Your Views…

    • Utkarsh Singh says:

      I am changing it as per my needs but sometimes it displays a popup: designed by . I am ready to keep the credits in footer and page source but not the popup.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      It Will Only POPUP When You Will Remove The Credit. If It’s Showing After Changing Any Other Code, Just EMail Us What You Changed That Cause This To POPUP…

    • Utkarsh Singh says:

      I thought that would be the reason..I removed the credits because some of my rivals would use the same template that I use..they are just copy cats…..

    • EXEIdeas says:

      You Can Change Template Color Theme Fully To Look Change From Them…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome template for us free. I was waiting for this since you used on your own blog. Will use it on my blog…

  3. says:

    this cool templates:) and responsive also….may be i use this template with other blog…hassan can i share this template on http://www.ketemplate{com}..

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our Template. Feel Free To Share With Credits And Use It For Any Purpose Freely. Just Share The URL With Us Too…

  4. Utkarsh Singh says:

    I got these problems:
    1. In the related posts widget, the Images of Posts are not displaying.

    2. On social sharing widget in sidebar, when I tested the “Email Subscription, where we enter email”, its not working. When click on “SUBMIT” it opens the same page with “/?” added in the URL.

    3. The “Choice” widget is showing posts from exeideas, not from mine, even after replacing exeideas with my URL. See this Pic, for what I did

    My testing blog URL: fadufiles.blogspot


    • EXEIdeas says:

      Thanks For Mentioning Bugs. We Updated And Fixed These Bugs In Our Template And Again Make It Live On Same URL. Please Download The Template Again And Use It. If You Found Another Bug Then Mention That To Us. Thanks For Using And Giving Us Report About Our Template. Sorry For Inconvenience…

  5. Anonymous says:

    bro.. i want a simple javascript for blocking adblock extension user with a custom message with url.. now many of site using it.. i want it for blogger. just wanna javascript which work by adding on javascript/html gadjet

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Currently We Are Working On This Project And Still We Are Only Able To Work This Code On HTML Website. We Are Trying To Convert This For Blogger Too. Be With Us…

  6. Adil Ikram says:

    nice bro tnx to give me zidi

  7. Utkarsh Singh says:

    Bro, I downloaded this template again on 16 October but what I find was when I applied this template on my blog and saved it and then checked it how its looking…
    My blog hanged..just like its Not Responding…my site gots locked up.
    Please see it here:

    Also when I tested it in Mozzila Firefox it gives me error…see this image:

  8. Surajit Sonowal says:

    how to use dropdown menu only in pc not in mobile device for your cool-style template?

  9. Surajit Sonowal says:

    Where can i add privacy policy in blog for cool-style template?

  10. Surajit Sonowal says:

    How to put picture instead of “cool-style” name in template

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