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Auto Image Thumbnail & ReadMore Link For Blogger Post

Auto Image Thumbnail & ReadMore Link For Blogger Post

Some people looking for this code after seeing this on many blogs templates but he didn’t find this because blogger templates provider create a template with this code and force people to use their template. But now peoples are free to use the code with their own desire template. Expandable post or popularly known as “Read More” is a feature that make your blog shows only a part of your posts on index pages i.e. Home, Labels and Archive pages.

At the end of each preview there will be a link to the post page, usually attached to the phrase “Read More”. We will describe her that “How To Add Auto First Image Thumbnail & ReadMore Link After Given Length InBlogspot Posts By Adding Awesome JavaScript Code Easily?”

So without any more preface, here we go to out two hot codes in which, one of them is a list style blogger post codea and the other is grid style blog post codes. So now just have a look on features and get your codes to spice up your blog.

Table of Contents

Blogger’s Official Read More -The Jump Break- Features:

1.) Uses HTML Code For Jump Break.
2.) Need To Insert Code(Jump Break) In Every Post.
3.) Read More Is Applied Only To Those Posts Which Have The Code Added.
4.) Length Of Each Snippet Can Be Customized.
5.) No Thumbnail Will Be Shown On The Main Page. To Show Picture, You Must Place The Picture Inside The Snippet (At The Beginning Of Post).
6.) The Code Loads Full Post But Only Shows The Snippet.
7.) Will Increase Your Page Loading Time.
8.) Did Not Perfect For Better SEO.

Our Customized Auto Read More And Auto Thumbnail Features:

1.) Uses HTML-Javascript Code.
2.) Post Is Untouched While Editing.
3.) Length Of The Post (On Home, Labels And Archive Pages) Can Be Changed, But It Affects All The Posts.
4.) Auto Read More Will Applied On All Posts, No Exception.
5.) The First Picture In Each Post Will Be Automatically Used As A Thumbnail (On Home, Labels And Archive Pages). You Can Also Choose Not To Show Thumbnail.
5.) Only Loads The Snippet (On Home, Labels And Archive Pages).
6.) It’s Will Make Professional Looking Blog.
7.) Visitors Have To Click Read More To View The Full Post That Will Increases Your Page Views.
8.) Will DecreaseYour Page (On Home, Labels And Archive Pages) Loading Time.
9.) Perfect For Better SEO.
10.) You Don’t Have To Add -The Jump Break- In Every Post.
11.) It Will Effect All Of Your Post InYour Blog (New To Old).
12.) 99% Of Blogger Are Using This Code.

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26 Responses to “Auto Image Thumbnail & ReadMore Link For Blogger Post”

  1. Fatan says:

    Hi Thanks, I use this method in one of my blog, Looks Great…

  2. Kamran Khan says:

    Very Useful. the good thing i noted is that you highlighted the width and more features. everyone can easily customize and adjust it according to their liking.
    i will implement it on my New Blog.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      You Are Welcome, Many Of Newbies Are Asking About It So I Am Here To FullFill There Desire And In My Starting Career, I Was Also Searching For This That Will Make The Blog More Awesome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PLs MAke a Multilevel dropdown nav bar.. with east customization..

    i need it very much

  4. Mohit Gupta says:

    Its not working.. URL is
    Have a look!!

  5. DATA BIN says:

    i have already done but experiencing some problems
    if u have multiple images in my post…is this trick worked?
    visit my blog and give me soln. asap…

  6. Lucky Singh says:

    Will it work on all browsers, becoz my past automatic button was not working on any version of only showed up on Google Chrome and Mozilla..

  7. Lucky Singh says:

    How to make the text/images appearing before Read More Button to Align in center not in right..

  8. Lucky Singh says:

    Plzz make one automatic with center alignment..

  9. Utkarsh Singh says:

    How to expand widget templates in new template editor. Because this tutorial requires to expand widget template. Please tell

    • EXEIdeas says:

      In New Template, You Didn’t Have To Expand It, Just Click {CTRL+F} After Click Your Mouse In HTML Editor, There Appear A Search Bar In The HTML Box, Paste Your Desired Code There, It Will Automatically Expand And Find That Code For You..

  10. Utkarsh Singh says:

    Its not working for me, can you add this to my blog. It would be very helpful. I don’t where I am doing mistake. In my previous blog I was able to edit but I don’t know why not this time.. whatever, please edit my template with this Read More Button, My template link:

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Send Us An E-Mail Via Contact Form By Adding Your Template XML File Link And Your Blog Link Also. We Will Surely Help You…

  11. Sujoy Dhar says:

    Most of the blogger gets problem with thumbnail but really your teaching is great to make the thing clear to all the blogger 🙂

  12. learn the quran says:

    Lucky me. I will try these codes in my own blogs.

  13. Tech Gyrl says:

    I don’t see any instructions on hot to aDD THIS FEATURE TO bLOGGER

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