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Detailed Guide On On-Page Factors In SEO

Search Engine Optimization is abbreviated as SEO and it was started after the inception of Google in 1998. In the past a decade a lot of things have changed like Website gets penalized, if not following Google webmaster guidelines, Google Penguin Update, Panda Update, Hummingbird Update and don’t know what comes next. With so many changes over time its hard saying what is the best way to get your site rank on Google SERP also there are more than 200 factors that Google consider before ranking any website.

SEO is being done to optimize a website and generate organic traffic, which can convert and it’s done by On-Page changes and some ethical Off-Page link building tactics. But before that lets go back to some old spammy tactics like Cloaking, Doorway pages, Keyword stuffing, Machine translations, Paid Links, Link Exchange, Link Farm etc.

After the Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird update all such spammy tactics are washed out and white hat SEO comes into light. The Website On-page factors, not only improve the search engine visibility, but also improve the user experience, like breadcrumb navigation along with breadcrumb schema allows user to see the proper internal site structure and also helps in showing a rich snippet on SERP.

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Detailed Guide On On-Page Factors In SEO

Schema like Review, Product, Video helps in generating rich snippet and thus it help the user to see basic details of the product on the SERP. It also improves the CTR (Click Through Rate) of a website which increases the traffic. Similarly, there are many other on-page factor that needs to be studied are present in the below info-graphic.

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    How To Create Snippets In Google Webmaster Tools And What Are Conversations ?
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    Yup On-Page SEO is more important then Off-Page, this is what i have experience with many blogs, for one iam getting around 30,000+ views per day, an education site, with only 10 backlinks… but its optimized well for On page SEO

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