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Red Hat Training & Certification: A Name In The Field Of IT


The Red Hat Certification course is an accreditation course that functions in validating the skills and expertise of IT professionals using both Red Hat and Linux operating systems. The Red Hat Training and Certification Program is a unique in that the accreditation program is a performance-based course. What this means is that, candidates who register for the exam are expected to execute certain tasks live instead of attempting multiple choice questions.

The Red Hat Training & Certification Program was introduced to the market in the year 1999. Over the years several changes have been made to the certification program, hence the need to keep on recertifying yourself so as to keep abreast with the latest changes.

Training For The Course:

There are generally two ways through which you can train for the course. These are:

1.) – Open Enrollment: This type of Red Hat training is continuously offered in more than 50 locations in North America and over 125 locations around the world. As pointed out earlier, Red Hat Certification is performance based. Therefore, it is important that candidates registering for the course have access to a dedicated PC. Depending on the Red Hat Certification courses you are registering for, you may need to have access to a maximum of 5 computers.

2.) – On-Site Solutions: This type of training is offered by Red Hat at the client’s facility. To be eligible for this type of Red Hat Training, the business or organization ought to have teams comprising of at least teams 12 -16 personnel. The technical team sent by Red Hat will aid your support staff to prepare a suitable training venue so that they can fully benefit from the training. The training venue should be able to run Red Hat Enterprise as well as Red Hat Certification exams.

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The instructors assigned to provide Red Hat training are highly experienced and skilled in Red Hat systems. As a matter of fact, the instructors are Red Hat Certified Engineers who are well acquainted with the program curriculum.

Who Does This Course Target?

The following are groups of people who are targeted by this accreditation course:

1.) – System administrators.
2.) – Web administrators and developers.
3.) – Linux developers.

What Are The Course Objectives:

Listed below, are some of the course objectives of Red Hat Certification:

1.) – Ability to manage different application software by making use of RPM and YUM.
2.) – Be able to configure different kernel parameters in addition to managing processes.
3.) – Be able to comprehend system and service initialization.
4.) – Be able to configure different services such as X Window System and logging.
5.) – Be able to manage current file systems and incorporate new file systems.
6.) – Be able to computerize tasks by making use of CRON and ANACRON.
7.) – Be able to execute user and group administrative tasks.
8.) – Be able to troubleshoot simple system issues.
9.) – Be able to perform backup tasks and safeguard system files.
10.) – Be able to install Red Hat Enterprise.

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The benefits of getting certified in Red Hat Training are numerous. For instance, the credibility earned will endear you to a myriad of employers worldwide.

About the Author:
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