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How To Empower Your Good Old WordPress Website With AI?

WordPress, the world’s most dominant and leading CMS platform comes with a whole array of dynamic and useful plugins making the work of webmasters, content writers, and content editors easier than ever before. WordPress website development and optimization got a further boost thanks to several AI plugins. There can be hardly any wonder that WordPress still reins in popularity among all the content management systems in the market.

Coming to AI, all market predictions say that AI is going to penetrate every facet of web and mobile apps across the niches. As per a PWC report, the contribution of AI to the global economy will be around $15.7 trillion by the year 2030. Naturally, AI is now trending for every form of digital content and platform and WordPress can hardly sideline the impact of AI.

Do you want to make your WordPress Website intelligent by grabbing some useful AI plugins? Whether you want to reach out to an expert WordPress development company for this or do everything all by yourself, here we mention some leading AI plugins and methods to revamp your good old WordPress website by using the AI plugins.

Improve SEO To Optimize Discoverability:

Optimizing your WordPress website content for SEO is tremendously resource and time-consuming and despite doing everything right you can always miss several details. But there are still several easy ways to enhance the AI process for optimizing content. These ways are brought by some great plugins.

WordLift comes as an intelligent plugin to enhance the SEO potential of your content. From creating meta descriptions to SEO tagging to the organization of posts and web pages to improving keyword optimization, it does pretty much everything. On top of all these, the WordLift plugin also helps you to find relevant article links to other articles to make your outbound link profile better.

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Customer Service Automation For Woocommerce Sites:

WooCommerce, the WordPress version created especially for eCommerce websites is also widely popular among small and medium-level online stores and the platform offers an array of AI plugins for customer service automation through chatbots.

The AI-powered chatbot plugins apart from giving replies to basic queries can also learn from customer behaviour and personal attributes and accordingly can adjust future communication with personalized tone and personalized tweaks in replies. Several Chatbot plugins such as Manychat, It’s Alive and can sync conversations across your website and Facebook Messenger or other chat apps.

Personalized Content Recommendations:

Personalized content recommendations based upon the search and visitor activities can easily engage visitors and help them make the most of their time while browsing the website. Several intelligent WordPress plugins do this job quite well. Bibblio and MyCurator both are great plugins for this purpose.

The AI-powered assessment engine of both plugins shows you the latest and most relevant content based on what you read at a given point in time. The first one also improves the algorithm based on user behaviour. The second plugin is particularly suitable for WordPress websites that are into content curation. It helps add a lot of relevant content to the website at a quick pace.

Let’s Look At Some AI Technologies To Take Your WordPress Content To The Next Level

WordPress websites are mostly content-focused in character and a vast majority of them are blogging websites, curated content platforms, magazines, etc. Naturally, most WordPress websites focus heavily on content quality improvement to get better search ranks, traffic or user engagement.

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These days, some AI-powered tools are widely used for optimizing content. Let’s describe here some of the leading AI plugins to optimize WordPress content.


Do you want something more advanced than just tools for addressing mistakes and fine-tuning content? Do you want an AI-powered tool to write high-quality content for you? Well, Quillbot, the comprehensive AI writing tool comes close to fulfilling your hi-tech ambition. This tool can write complete paragraphs and sentences.

Using advanced paraphrasing technology based upon AI-powered natural language understanding (NLU) can help any content to improve and make the message clear for the intended audience. The plugin is useful for improving any type of content whether for emails, blogs, articles, case studies, newsletters, press releases, thesis, social media posts, and anything in between.


The Third Generation Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT-3) is a trending technology that helps you create engaging text based on machine learning models. While the writers and editors still will play a major role in content creation, this technology can be added through a button to your WordPress website and in no time the content creators can get data-driven suggestions for producing rich and engaging content.

GPT-3 based content creation involving both machine learning models and human inputs may take some time to synchronize based upon the capacity of the writers, but once the practice sets in it can do wonders to your overall content quality. It can end up making your website content more user-centric.


Most content creators know about this handy tool that helps anyone address grammar and punctuation mistakes for free. The premium version of the same tool also helps in fine-tuning sentence structure and overall writing quality to a great extent. Since content quality primarily depends upon how you stay away from all these mistakes, this has become a must-have plugin for WordPress content creators.

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By using intelligent semantic analysis Grammarly does a wonderful job of finding common errors and frequently occurred mistakes in content. On top of that, the tool will also suggest you fix the not-so-great sentence structure and remain consistent regarding tone and the trajectory of the discussed subject.


For years Jetpack has been the widely acclaimed WordPress plugin to help content creators for proofreading and optimize content. The plugin helps in writing flawless write-ups free from spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other mistakes.

Apart from detecting mistakes and offering suggestions to correct the mistakes, it also helps you optimize the writing style and provide suggestions to optimize readability. With the power of AI, the plugin is capable of analyzing words and key terminologies as per the context and helps you address common cliches and biases in content.

Wrapping Up:

So, by using the above-mentioned WordPress AI plugins you can make the most out of your WordPress content strategy. But before being overwhelmed with what each plugin has to offer, you need to make a quick research on the pros and cons of each one as well.

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