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How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently?

Deleting a facebook account is really easy and you can do this task within few seconds, if you want to know about this and searching for learning the methods for removing your account of Facebook permanently then you are at right place. Because it is one of the important trick of Facebook (permanently deleting facebook account) that Facebook users need to know. After sharing some useful guides about best facebook proxies to unblock Facebook in your country, now we have decided to share this useful guide.

It is one of the simple and easiest method and many people still don’t know about it and want to learn how they can delete their facebook accounts in right way permanently to get rid of this social networking website. As you know Facebook is one of the most used social networking website in the world having action millions users from all over the world. Thousands of people are connected from all over the world with each other because of Facebook as it is connecting world to other people.

So these days it is growing rapidly and number of active facebook users are also increasing. Some people are trying to take advantage of this social networking website for just making new friends and increasing them while on the other hand some people are using Facebook for promotion of their small business and taking it to next level. Some people are utilizing Facebook for both purposes  and this social website offers various facilities such as increase business page likes, advertising and promoting brand or product through facebook etc and many more others.


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Why People Want To Delete Facebook Account?

Most of the new Facebook users highly use this social networking website as it gives them new life where they can connect with new friends from worldwide countries and can promote their business online. There are many advantages of this social networking website but on the other hand it has several disadvantages and one of them is that most of people are wasting their important time in using Facebook , in short words we can say that Facebook is drug addiction in online world. Those people who are using Facebook for nothing they are wasting their important time. So this might be and strong reason behind permanent removal of their account.

How Many Ways For Deleting Facebook Account?

If you are still thinking that how you can delete your personal facebook account and is it still possible, then the answer is that yes you can delete your Facebook account and there are various ways for deleting your Facebook account. So it is recommended for you to try out the official method because if you delete facebook account of yours through using any kind of third party website or app then they will use your account with letting you know about it and it is not good for you.

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Right Way For Deleting Your Facebook Account?

As I earlier said above that deleting your facebook account is easy in 2015 and before deleting your account make sure you have backup your important data and made admins of your groups, apps, pages to some other person. Once you are done with above things mentioned above, and then follow the guide shared below:

  • First of all go to this link for deleting facebook account.
  • You will then see a box asking for deleting your account of facebook, just click on delete my account option
  • After that you will see a pop up box for confirmation of account deletion and you need to enter captcha and password of account for removal. Once done you have successfully removed your account.

So this is all about how to delete your facebook account permanently in 2015 and I hope you find it useful. If you have any queries regard this topic, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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