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Stylish JavaScript Testimonials Slider For Blog And Website

After My Previous Post J-Query Text Slider Without Navigation.Many People Send Me Request To Share A Testimonial Slider Without JQuery Because It Will Increase There Loading Time, So Here I Am Again With The New And Only JavaScript Code.As many people want Testimonial slider for there website and blog to show there visitor that they […]


Awesome And Simple CSS Manual Slider For Blog And Website

Hello, Guy's...!!! After Many Heavy Sliders, I Am Here To Share A New CSS Slider That Is Even Not CSS-3, It Also Did Not Contain JavaScript Or jQuery That Will Make Your Page Heavy To Load And You Visitor Get Diverge. It Is An Awesome And Simple HTML-CSS Manual Slider With Text, Image, Video, Frame etc […]


Simple And Stylish J-Query DIV Slider Or SlideShow

CLICK HERE TO SEE DEMO Those times when neat image effects were achieved with Flash are gone. jQuery has drastically changed the way developers work. Because its light-weight, easily customized and has unlimited possibilities, jQuery has become the new standard for displaying visual media on the web. For this roundup we've A fresh, useful and […]


Simple JavaScript Text + Image Slider For Blog And Website

As we have seen many of awesome and stylish sliders that are really coll while working but they have a lengthy code with heavy JQuery that often disturb your template and also increase your blog and website loading time so high so that visitor ger anger and leave your site or blog. Here I am not telling you to banned the […]


Awesome JavaScript News Slider Widget For Blog And Website

This is not only a Latest News Slider but you can use it as Text Slider And Testimonial Slider Also Many people want News slider for there website and blog to show there visitor that what they are going to do. For this purpose they want text box but if they have more then one […]


Simple And Awesome Testimonials J-Query Slider For Blog And Website

Many people want Testimonial slider for there website and blog to show there visitor that they have good response from there Great User. For this purpose they want text box but if they have more then one testimonial there is a big problem to them how to manage them all without wasting extra space from there site and blog.So i am here with […]


Stylish Collection Of J-Query Sliders For Blog & Website

Flow Slider is a content slider jQuery plugin that lets you slide your HTML content. This free content slider is optimized to run smoothly and programmed to save the precious CPU time of your browser. Flow Slider is extremely easy to set-up and allows you to select from a range of transition effects or add […]