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Stylish And Smooth Sliding Social Media Widget For Blogger

Social Media is a best platform to market your web and products to the world from your home that you cant even not do by outdoor marketing so same like here on your blog and web you can do it more by using some stylish widgets....

Highlight Text And Share That To Your Twitter Tweet?

There are many sharing buttons to share your blog post on user social networks but the limitation is that they have to share the link of that post and in short your whole post should have to be shared but what if your reader just want to share only selected text or limited ammount of […]...

SpeedShare: A Social Sharing Plugin On Tooltip After Copying A Text

Its time to Boost your sharing activity by making it easier for users to post content to social media. Readers may not always identify with the title that you’ve chosen for your posts but they may find a gem within your article that is more “quotable” and worth sharing. So this plugin that cap...